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United States Code Annotated® (USCA)

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Format: Book - hardbound
Brand: Thomson West
Copyright: 1959-2018
Service #: 22048097
Sub #: 21048097
Publication frequency: Varies
Update method: Varies

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United States Code Annotated® (USCA)



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The United States Code Annotated® (USCA) contains the laws of a general and permanent nature enacted by Congress. The public laws are classified to the United States Code and arranged in Titles 1-54, according to general subject matter. Following the text material of each code section are various types of annotations such as historical notes, cross-references, and notes of decisions. The USCA also contains the fully annotated Constitution of the United States, General Index, Index to Titles, and Tables.

The USCA is updated by annual pocket parts and is supplemented with four or more interim pamphlets as part of the service. The U.S. Code Congressional & Administrative News (U.S.C.C.A.N.), a Federal legislative pamphlet service which contains laws enacted in a given session of Congress, is available for purchase to further supplement the set.

The following is a summary of some of the major features included in the USCA set:

  • Credits: Provides important citation information to enacting and amending public laws
  • Historical Information: A feature that provides sources, explains textual changes, and highlights content
  • Amendments: Reflects amendments to text by public laws through comparisons that quote or paraphrase the latest and former provisions of law, allowing the researcher to determine the historical development of the section
  • Note Materials: Provisions of public laws set out under sections of USCA containing similar subject matter, and the authority from which they originated, together with notes to assist in locating sources and determining the effect of various sections and their amendments
  • Cross-References: Provides access to a systematic method of locating related and qualifying sections and Constitutional provisions within the USCA to ensure accurate and complete legal research
  • Notes of Decisions: Decisions of Federal courts and the Comptroller General as well as Attorney General opinions construing the Constitution and statutes. The topical index to the annotations assists in selecting relevant cases
  • Rules: Court rules found in the set include the rules of practice and procedure of the various Federal courts, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Civil and Criminal Procedure, Evidence, and many others
  • Appendixes: Sets out various materials related to the title in which they appear
  • Reorganization Plans: A plan for revamping a governmental administration proposed by the President
  • International Conventions: Rules and procedures for international conventions of high importance
  • Presidential Proclamations: Executive decisions or mandates endorsed by the Commander in Chief
  • Annual USCA General Index: These softbound volumes are revised and expanded to cover all laws of a general and permanent nature enacted through the most recent Congressional session