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California law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive California legal resources, including law books, WestlawNext, legal software and automated forms for California attorneys.

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Administrative forms related to Business and Professions Code sections.

Book (Full Set)   $716.00

A practical resource, this set of hardbound volumes contains procedural forms relating to civil actions and proceedings.

Book (Full Set)   $1,203.00

This newsletter is a companion to the California Practice Guide: Personal Injury.

Book (Full Set)

Companion forms for California Real Estate, 4th, covering traditional aspects of California real estate law transactions.

Book (Full Set)   $937.00
ProView eBook   $937.00

This Aspatore product provides an in-depth guide to retail leasing, offering practical guidance on topics common to commercial leases.

Book   $125.00

This deskbook is a practical resource for making or opposing California termination motions such as summary judgment, dismissal, demurrer, and motion to strike.

Book   $297.00
ProView eBook   $297.00

A supplement to California Jury Instructions–Civil, this set provides BAJI and CACI forms that are easy to select, customize, and photocopy.

Book (Full Set)   $468.00

This Aspatore legal title provides perspective on counseling homeowners and potential buyers through the challenges of the housing market.

Book   $85.00

Informative newsletter keeps you up to date on the most current tort and tort-related case law, statutory, and regulatory developments in California.

Book (Full Set)

This Aspatore legal title, written by an experienced criminal attorney, is essential for anyone facing a DUI charge in California.

Book   $20.00

BAJI has been recognized for more than 50 years as the source for civil jury instructions in California.

Book (Full Set)   $346.00
ProView eBook   $346.00

Summarizes and analyzes administrative agency and court decisions covering public sector labor relations in California.

Book (Full Set)

This caselaw reporter contains opinions issued by California state courts, plus West headnotes, Key Numbers, and other editorial enhancements.

Book (Full Set)   $48,135.00

This deskbook focuses on procedural aspects of sex crime cases, including a detailed review of all applicable caselaw and statutes.

Book   $426.00
ProView eBook   $426.00

This product provides feedback from leading California employment attorneys on state employment law trends and best practices for representing employees.

Book   $25.00

This deskbook takes a multidisciplinary approach to representing claimants under California's Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act.

Book   $297.00
ProView eBook   $297.00

Emphasizing California law, this easy-to-use reference covers topics ranging from DNA biology and testing technology to cutting-edge legal issues.

Book   $426.00
ProView eBook   $426.00

This practice book covers every aspect of California criminal procedure, from arrest and arraignment through sentencing and appeal.

Book (Full Set)   $728.00
ProView eBook   $728.00

This Aspatore legal title provides a look into bankruptcy and foreclosure law, and mediation for specific issues and disputes.

Book   $99.00

This bimonthly newsletter contains current coverage of developments in California real property law, along with enlightening editorial features.

Book (Full Set)

This work contains essential business transaction forms for your California practice.

Book (Full Set)   $3,796.00

In-depth analysis of current real property litigation issues, statutes, and cases by experienced litigators.

Book (Full Set)   $3,070.00
ProView eBook   $3,070.00

All newly reported California insurance-related decisions, significant federal cases, statutes, regulations, and other legislative and regulatory developments are covered in this newsletter.

Book (Full Set)

This Key Number Digest contains headnotes classified according to West's® Key Number System, for California state and federal court decisions.

Book (Full Set)   $26,939.00

Experienced civil litigators provide practical step-by-step guidance and in-depth analysis on civil rights issues, statutes, and cases.

Book (Full Set)   $1,232.00
ProView eBook   $1,232.00