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Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive New York legal resources, including law books, WestlawNext, legal software and automated forms for New York attorneys.

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This volume is a comprehensive summary of the criminal law of New York as set forth by New York's highest court.

Book   $389.00
ProView eBook   $389.00

This work provides you with analysis of workers' compensation cases and practical advice from a veteran practitioner.

Book (Full Set)   $326.00
ProView eBook   $326.00

This New York court rules title provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $264.00
ProView eBook   $264.00

This title provides you the essential laws, rules and regulations relating to criminal and motor vehicle law enforcement.

Book   $145.00
ProView eBook

This publication offers step-by-step procedures for perfecting an appeal in New York State appellate courts.

Book (Full Set)   $147.00
ProView eBook   $147.00

A comprehensive motions in limine practice guide for excluding prejudicial trial evidence.

Book   $505.00
ProView eBook   $505.00

Detailed and informed reference covering administrative practice and procedure in New York State, including tactics, strategies, checklists, statutes, and forms.

Book (Full Set)   $402.00

This treatise discusses the law of insurance in New York and is written for those who deal with insurance claims.

Book   $417.00
ProView eBook   $417.00

New edition Fingertip access to the full range of rent control and stabilization requirements in New York City and the state.

Book   $1,237.00
ProView eBook   $1,237.00

New edition Complete and insightful analysis of substantive and procedural laws governing mechanics’ liens in New York.

Book   $446.00
ProView eBook

New edition In-depth coverage and analysis of mortgage liens in New York, supported by controlling cases and pertinent statutes.

Book   $781.00
ProView eBook

A detailed review of the principles governing civil and criminal cases in the New York Court of Appeals.

Book   $468.00
ProView eBook   $468.00

A practitioner’s insights get beyond the statutes and provide a guide to handling the most frequently encountered motor vehicle violations.

Book (Full Set)   $1,046.00
ProView eBook   $1,046.00

Provides the necessary guidance and forms for resolving both routine and complex New York estate and tax matters.

Book (Full Set)   $1,130.00

This publication offers step-by-step guidance through each stage of a New York criminal case.

Book   $1,187.00

Informative and convenient pamphlet providing complete text of various laws, acts, and rules pertaining to New York family law.

Book   $527.00
ProView eBook   $527.00

Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $406.00
ProView eBook   $406.00

This book provides substantive and practical overviews of more than 20 causes of action under New York law.

Book   $518.00
ProView eBook   $518.00

This product is a companion to New York Pattern Jury Instructions–Civil, providing practical advice on the use of that resource.

Book   $606.00
ProView eBook   $606.00

This guide provides a practical reference for making or opposing New York termination motions such as summary judgment or dismissal.

Book   $561.00
ProView eBook   $561.00

New edition This set provides a complete set of forms for the New York family law practitioner.

Book (Full Set)   $970.00
ProView eBook   $970.00

New edition Gives a collection of forms to help every DWI practitioner conduct an efficient, effective practice.

Book   $1,195.00

New edition This work contains virtually everything you need to process even a moderately complex divorce case.

Book   $363.00
ProView eBook   $363.00

New edition Covers treatment of New York real property liens, analysis, and resolving priority disputes over liens of various types.

Book   $446.00
ProView eBook

Authored by one of the leading experts in the field, this bimonthly newsletter addresses New York zoning law and practice.

Book (Full Set)