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Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters offers authoritative guidance on the practice of law with comprehensive legal forms, practice materials and other law books from Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions.

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Contains information and guidance on all actions within the jurisdiction of the New York Family Court.

Book (Full Set)   $305.00 $274.50
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Written for California paralegals by two Los Angeles Superior Court judges, this manual is designed to acquaint paralegals with the basics of personal injury litigation.

Book   $171.00

This manual provides expert guidance in handling trial preparation and in-court assignments during a civil trial.

Book   $163.00

This title contains the entire Texas Labor Code and selections from the Texas Constitution and other codes and statutes – with up-to-date case annotations – covering many public and private employment relationships.

Book   $143.00

This deskbook takes a multidisciplinary approach to representing claimants under California's Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act.

Book   $247.00
ProView eBook   $247.00

A practical guide to estate settlement in North Carolina.

Book (Full Set)   $726.00 $653.40
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This work is a step-by-step practice guide to planning and maintaining an estate.

Book (Full Set)   $952.00 $856.80
ProView eBook   $952.00 $856.80

This set offers in-depth coverage of Illinois family law, as well as useful forms and research aids.

Book (Full Set)   $584.00 $525.60
ProView eBook   $584.00 $525.60

Chronological guidance through purchase and sale transactions, from negotiations to closing and remedies. Also includes tax law and environmental liability.

Book (Full Set)   $618.00
ProView eBook   $618.00

This title covers every aspect of family law practice in Tennessee, including federal tax matters and bankruptcy considerations.

Book (Full Set)   $426.00 $383.40
ProView eBook   $426.00 $383.40

This practice-oriented guidebook discusses the procedure, techniques, and strategies for representing noncitizens in removal proceedings at the administrative level.

Book   $596.00 $536.40
ProView eBook   $596.00 $536.40

This handbook gives you theoretical and practical assistance for working in workers’ compensation matters in Iowa.

Book   $398.00 $358.20
ProView eBook   $398.00 $358.20

This treatise gives you the blackletter law using Virginia precedents and trends from other jurisdictions.

Book   $425.00 $382.50
ProView eBook   $425.00 $382.50

Nationally recognized trial lawyer Kevin Dunne provides expert advice on preparing clients and witnesses for depositions in this title.

Book   $393.00 $353.70
ProView eBook   $393.00 $353.70

This publication examines the workers' compensation process from initial client intake through claim resolution and provides practice notes and tips.

Book   $353.00 $317.70
ProView eBook   $353.00 $317.70

This title gives you a convenient summary of Nebraska evidence law to help you quickly resolve evidentiary questions.

Book   $497.00 $447.30

Authoritative treatise on juvenile law. Review of statutes and cases on delinquency, incorrigibility, neglect, dependency, abuse, and adoption.

Book   $491.00 $441.90
ProView eBook   $491.00 $441.90

This compact guide to closings provides advice, references to source materials, and many forms not readily available elsewhere.

Book   $321.00 $288.90
ProView eBook   $321.00 $288.90

Gives you agreements, letters, affidavits, discovery documents, and pleadings for all aspects of divorce, alimony and child custody.

Book (Full Set)   $442.00 $397.80
ProView eBook   $442.00 $397.80

Designed for immediate reference, this work provides you with ready, reliable answers to evidentiary questions that arise during litigation.

Book   $439.00 $395.10
ProView eBook   $439.00 $395.10

This treatise discusses the law of insurance in New York and is written for those who deal with insurance claims.

Book   $316.00 $284.40
ProView eBook   $316.00 $284.40

This volume is a comprehensive treatise on civil procedure in Florida.

Book   $771.00 $693.90
ProView eBook   $771.00 $693.90

Provides a step-by-step analysis of the appellate process for Florida.

Book   $673.00 $605.70
ProView eBook   $673.00 $605.70

Provides a complete guide to civil discovery in Georgia, including practical forms.

Book   $363.00 $326.70
ProView eBook   $363.00 $326.70

This treatise provides comprehensive treatment of the laws that have developed under the federal Act, D.C., and various states.

Book (Full Set)   $356.00 $320.40
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