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Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters offers authoritative guidance on the practice of law with comprehensive legal forms, practice materials and other law books from Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions.

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An informative, practical guide to any type of real estate transaction in New Jersey. Provides numerous forms, including those for more complex transactions.

Book (Full Set)   $1,012.00
ProView eBook   $1,012.00

Provides you with a guide to long-term care and financial planning for your elderly and incapacitated clients.

Book   $514.00
ProView eBook   $514.00

The Law of Electronic Signatures and Records is an essential guide to electronic signatures and records laws, including the context in which the laws were adopted.

Book   $509.00
ProView eBook

This title is an excellent, quick reference for civil motion writers and essential companion to California Law and Motion Authorities for Civil Cases


Book (Full Set)   $408.00

This guidebook of Georgia criminal law provides an overview of criminal procedure, summaries of crimes, contains the complete Georgia Criminal and Motor Vehicle Codes, and includes a CD-ROM version (may be shipped separately).

Book   $406.00

This reference guide provides useful forms and substantive law references for soon-to-be or already commissioned notary publics.

Book   $723.00
ProView eBook

Provides handy source of information for lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and trust officers who deal with estates, guardianships and trusts.

Book   $370.00
ProView eBook   $370.00

This work is a practice treatise on substantive and procedural law for Massachusetts.

Book (Full Set)   $725.00
ProView eBook   $725.00

This treatise provides comprehensive treatment of the laws that have developed under the federal Act, D.C., and various states.

Book (Full Set)   $369.00
ProView eBook   $369.00

The Rutter Group's Civil Procedure Before Trial CLAIMS AND DEFENSES provides the essential elements, key defenses, and primary remedies for more than 50 claims.

Book (Full Set)   $380.00
ProView eBook   $380.00

This book provides a comprehensive summary of the new swap regulatory regime under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act to assist industry professionals and their counsel in understanding the substance of these new requirements.

Book   $322.00
ProView eBook   $322.00

This product includes sample immigration filings, detailed supporting legal memoranda, practitioners' notes, and electronic copies of motions and memoranda.

Book   $315.00
ProView eBook   $315.00

Gain a thorough and detailed reference guide to current issues in Pennsylvania family law with this title.

Book (Full Set)   $318.00
ProView eBook   $318.00

Provides the first comprehensive exposition of Missouri substantive criminal law; includes a discussion of Controlled Substances Act and Missouri Criminal Sentencing Guidelines.

Book (Full Set)   $287.00
ProView eBook   $287.00

This title gives you a thorough overview of damages law in Arkansas.

Book (Full Set)   $302.00
ProView eBook   $302.00

This deskbook is a comprehensive treatment of California's landmark "anti-SLAPP" legislation (CCP §§425.16, 425.17, 425.18).

Book   $284.00
ProView eBook   $284.00

Helps provide ready and reliable answers to evidentiary questions that sometimes arise unexpectedly during litigation.

Book   $478.00
ProView eBook   $478.00

This treatise provides practical insight on general contract law, reviews specific contract types, and gives examples of standard contracts.

Book (Full Set)   $267.00
ProView eBook   $267.00

Expert coverage of federal employment law from job application through termination, including discrimination, harassment, wages/hours, leaves, layoffs, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $480.00
ProView eBook

This volume provides guidance to attorneys and human resources professionals on disputes between employers and employees in Massachusetts.

Book (Full Set)   $254.00
ProView eBook   $254.00

This text is a comprehensive guide to civil trial procedure in Illinois.

Book (Full Set)   $240.00
ProView eBook   $240.00

Comprehensive coverage of domestic relations and family law topics.

Book (Full Set)   $476.00
ProView eBook   $476.00

Comprehensive guide to practicing with the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).

Book (Full Set)   $236.00
ProView eBook   $236.00

Full text of the latest Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, complete with notes and comments.

Book   $202.00 $181.80
ProView eBook   $202.00 $181.80

Contains the full text of Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure, Courts of Appeals Local Rules, Appendix of Forms, and the Standards for Appellate Conduct.

Book   $202.00 $181.80
ProView eBook   $202.00 $181.80