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Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters offers authoritative guidance on the practice of law with comprehensive legal forms, practice materials and other law books from Thomson Reuters Legal Solutions.

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New edition This title summarizes all facets of automobile insurance law in Georgia, with an emphasis on tort cases involving automobile insurance.

Book   $894.00

Authoritative guidance on pretrial practice in federal district courts. Includes jurisdiction, removal and remand, motion practice, discovery, and more!

Book (Full Set)   $753.00
ProView eBook   $753.00

This title provides a road map for handling personal injury protection issues under Florida's motor vehicle no-fault law.

Book   $704.00
ProView eBook   $704.00

This set includes an in-depth discussion of the Texas Business Organizations Code, including coverage of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and professional associations.

Book (Full Set)   $729.00

This work provides comprehensive information about the legal and practical aspects of civil practice in Florida.

Book   $673.00
ProView eBook   $673.00

This handbook is a reference source that helps attorneys prepare a sound case while saving valuable research time.

Book   $558.00
ProView eBook   $558.00

This title contains comprehensive coverage of domestic relations laws in Kentucky, as well as useful practice tools.

Book (Full Set)   $469.00

Analyzes the most up-to-date Iowa trial case law, rules and statutes.

Book   $446.00
ProView eBook   $446.00

This title gives you a complete review of criminal procedure in Iowa from investigation through appeal.

Book   $432.00
ProView eBook   $432.00

This comprehensive title is dedicated to building the skills necessary to try cases in federal court. The material is based on three hypothetical cases and presented in a question-and-answer format.

Book (Full Set)   $450.00
ProView eBook   $450.00

This practical reference for lawyers and judges provides quick access to questions that may arise before and during a trial.

Book   $416.00
ProView eBook   $416.00

These reference guides provide a systematic approach to evidence designed to help attorneys develop automatic trial reflexes and improve courtroom skills.

Book   $423.00

This title provides you with current and historical analysis of products liability law in Virginia.

Book   $422.00
ProView eBook   $422.00

Gives you guidance to handling criminal cases in Virginia, answers common questions, and provides useful strategies.

Book   $394.00
ProView eBook   $394.00

This title provides ready and reliable answers to evidentiary questions that sometimes arise during litigation.

Book   $393.00
ProView eBook   $393.00

This treatise covers asylum law, withholding of removal, and Convention Against Torture protection, plus basic procedures for applying for relief.

Book   $430.00
ProView eBook   $430.00

This title provides an overview of workers' compensation law for general practitioners who also seek an understanding of recent changes.

Book   $396.00
ProView eBook   $396.00

This title is designed as an in-court reference tool, offering a quick overview of important topics.

Book   $408.00

This product is a guide to the practice of elder law, covering probate, ethics, taxes, and other areas of law.

Book   $358.00
ProView eBook   $358.00

Handling federal appeals and writ review in the Ninth Circuit. Includes review in agency, bankruptcy, and tax court cases.

Book (Full Set)   $656.00
ProView eBook   $656.00

This title provides insight from an experienced DUI defense attorney into preparing a DUI case in Illinois.

Book   $369.00
ProView eBook   $369.00

This handbook uses case studies to illustrate how state law principles may be combined in order to solve client problems and includes extended practice resource materials.

Book   $350.00
ProView eBook   $350.00

This title is an excellent quick reference for civil motion writers and essential companion to California Law and Motion Authorities


Book (Full Set)   $356.00

This treatise provides comprehensive treatment of the laws that have developed under the federal Act, D.C., and various states.

Book (Full Set)   $356.00

Authored by two well-respected California Court of Appeal justices, this practice guide takes an analytic approach to identifying applicable statutes of limitations and resolving frequently encountered statute of limitations issues.

Book   $336.00
ProView eBook   $336.00