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Firearms Law Deskbook, 2023-2024 ed.

Product details:

Format: Book - softbound
Brand: Clark Boardman Callaghan
Copyright: 2023
ISBN: 9780314800893
Service #: 13514226
Sub #: 13514225
Pages: 1952
Shelf Space: 3 in.
Publication Frequency: Updated annually
Update format: Replacement pamphlets

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Firearms Law Deskbook, 2023-2024 ed.



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Firearms Law Deskbook gives prosecutors and defense attorneys detailed coverage of federal, state, and local gun control laws, court decisions, agency regulations, and insider information.

Topics include:

  • Chapter 1. Right to Bear Arms
    The Second Amendment and State analogues; the latest decisions from the Supreme Court and lower courts on the right to keep and bear arms.
  • Chapter 2. Gun Control Act: Federal Regulation
    Felons and other prohibited persons, dealing without a license, straw sales, interstate restrictions, and other federal crimes.
  • Chapter 3. Licensees, Records, and ATF Inspections
    Licensing and recordkeeping requirements, agency inspections, Fourth Amendment issues, and the revocation of licenses.
  • Chapter 4. Forfeitures, Attorney's Fees, Regulations and Preemption
    Special rules for the forfeiture of firearms, particularity and standard of proof requirements, recovery of attorney's fees, and federal preemption of state laws.
  • Chapter 5. Gun Control Act: Interstate Commerce
    Constitutional basis of restrictions as regulation of interstate commerce, limits on federal power, and bans on mere possession of firearms.
  • Chapter 6. National Firearms Act: Definitions
    Statutory definitions, judicial interpretations, and ATF opinions on what constitutes a machine gun, short-barreled shotgun or rifle, silencer, and destructive device; intent and knowledge standards.
  • Chapter 7. National Firearms Act: Prohibited Acts
    Unregistered NFA firearms; making, transfer, and possession offenses; serial number violations; and penalties and forfeitures.
  • Chapter 8. National Firearms Act: Constitutional Issues
    The basis of registration in the tax power; prosecution for post-1986 machine guns; disclosure restrictions under the Fifth Amendment and privacy laws; Fourth Amendment issues.
  • Chapter 9. Entrapment and Due Process
    Traditional entrapment, entrapment by estoppel, ATF rulings, and sentencing manipulation.
  • Chapter 10. Assault Weapon Prohibitions
    Federal, state, and local bans on “assault weapons”; vagueness problems with varied definitions; Second Amendment issues; and challenges to recent enactments.
  • Chapter 11. Exportation of Firearms
    The Arms Export Control Act and ITAR; willfulness requirements; and exports controlled by the Department of Commerce.
  • Appendix: State Firearms Laws
    Summaries of all state laws.