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5 Ways AI is Used in Law Firms Today

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer abstract and futuristic. With technologies like voice recognition software, music and movie recommendation apps, news generators, and mobile banking, it has become part of our everyday lives. So why should our professional lives be any different?

No doubt, Legal AI is appearing in lawyers’ everyday workflows, too. Here are five ways legal professionals use AI in the legal profession today:


Legal research

Use a research platform that builds legal AI into its algorithms, enabling it to deliver answers to your legal questions and link to authoritative court decisions and sources, rather than just provide a list of documents that may contain the answer.


Litigation strategy

Leverage a court dockets database that not only incorporates every filing, motion, and ruling, but is also curated by legal experts who “clean” the data to optimize its AI functionality – giving you insights into how a judge may rule in your case.



Use ediscovery software that can wade through ESI documents and help you identify relevant content much more efficiently and accurately than you can do on your own – especially with the massive sea of data that seems to be commonplace with any legal matter today.


Online legal services

Improve client relationships while keeping costs down by referring your clients, when applicable, to self-help online legal services that use legal AI chatbots and decision tree applications to provide users with answers to their legal questions.


Contract review

Streamline contract review and document analysis by using legal software to quickly identify common clauses and potential outliers, and to compare contract terms to what’s market.

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