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Previous e-newsletters

2018 issues

June | Artificial Intelligence, Wage Gap, Litigation Finance.

May | GDPR, Artificial Intelligence, Joint Ventures

April | #MeToo, Big Data, Managing Risk

March | Sherman Act, Cost Controls, Initial Coin Offerings

February | FCPA Pilot Program, Legal Ops, Workplace Privacy

January | GDPR Implementation, #MeToo Movement, Cybersecurity Breaches

2017 issues

December | 2018 Proxy Season, AML Regulations, Basic Finance

November | Litigation Finance, Bitcoin, Avoiding Corporate Deadlock

September | AI, Client Due Diligence, Affinity Groups in the Workplace

August | How to Negotiate, ADA Compliance, Wearables

July | Basic Finance, Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in the Workplace, Legal Tracker LDO Index

June | Career Killers, New Justice Neil Gorsuch, Cybersecurity Guidance from the ACC

May | Mediation, Alternative Legal Service Providers, E-Discovery Review

March | Building Legal Ops, Unbundling Legal Services, Outsourcing Master Agreements

February | Delegating Legal Work, Social Media Crisis, Habits of Effective Lawyers

January | 2017 Best Practices, Six Sigma, Attorney-Client Privilege Ruling

2016 issues

December | Disruption in the Legal Profession and in Legal Departments

October | Trade Secrets, Working from Home, Effective Compliance

September | Cross-Border Challenges for Legal Department

August | Writing Skills for In-House, SCOTUS Cases to Watch, Calculating Rates Under FLSA

July | Governance Counseling, Third-Party Risk, Document Retention Policies

June | In-House Ethics Issue

May | Avoiding Drafting Pitfalls, U.S. Trade Sanctions, Litigation Financing

April | Risk is the New Black; Ethics & Technology Usage; Online Counterfeiting

March | Legal Department Management Issue

February | EU Data Protection, Building Institutional Memory, Risk Allocation Pitfalls

January | To-Do in 2016, Staying Relevant, Measuring Contract Effectiveness

2015 issues

December | Litigation Issue

October | Navigating Department Politics; Whistleblowing & Cybersecurity; Employee Benefits “Arms Race”

September | Compliance & Risk Issue

August | Becoming the Strategic Business Partner; Overcoming Overbilling; Independent Contractors

July | Crisis Prep; International Contracts; Surviving the First 100 Days

June | Leadership issue

May | Breaches in the Boardroom; International Arbitration; BYOD Woes

April | Data & Privacy Trends; Determining Materiality; Using Numbers to Your Advantage

March | The Latest on Legal Department Management, from Philosophy to Analytics

February | M&A Trends; Resolutions for 2015; Ten Steps for Contract Management

January | Thoughts for 2015; Selecting Expert Witnesses; 10 Tips for New GCs

2014 issues

December | Dedicated to Intellectual Property

September | Dedicated to Employment & Human Resources

August | AFAs, CPOs, and a "Comic" Copyright Dispute Counsel

July | Whistleblowing & Ethics, Managing Litigation Counsel, Tips for New GCs

June | Legal Department Management Issue: RFPs, Driving Change, Legal Holds

May | Corporate Social Responsibility, Board Crisis Prep

April | Outside Counsel Guidelines, Understanding Information Security

March | In-Depth Look at Litigation

February | Focusing on CC Needs, Managing Apps, LDO Managers

January | Alternative Fees & Collaboration; What Your IT Department Wants You to Know

2013 issues

December | Contracts via E-mail; Top 10 Observations from ACC Annual Meeting

November | Susan Hackett's "New Normal"; UC Irvine's New Program

October | The New Normal with Susan Hackett; In-house Interns

September | Interview with ACC's General Counsel; Protect Your Company's Data

August | Susan Hackett's New Normal; Of Income & Insights; Rely on Your AP Department?

June | BYOD, Predictive Coding, Internet Governance Counseling

April | Compliance Programs, Cyber-Insurance, In-House Counsel Salaries

February | Data Incident Risks, Proper Due Diligence, Interoffice Relationships

2012 issues

December/January | Avoid Personal Liability, Antitrust Issues in M&A

October/November | Trends in Information Privacy, Crisis Management, Make Your Case With Numbers

August/September | Make Friends with PR, FATCA Highlights, Interview with Tough Mudder GC

June/July | Ethics on the Inside, Legal Spend Reduction, Sign Answers to Interrogatories