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Transactional drafting software helps small law firms beat DIY sites and compete with big law

In this free Independent Thinking white paper, “Powerful Drafting Tools Give Business Firms a Bigger Edge,” Thomson Reuters experts discuss how small law firms can fight for – and win – transactional drafting business amid the melee of do-it-yourself (DIY) legal websites and larger firms.

With transactional drafting software, small firms now have the same access to intuitive and advanced document drafting tools once reserved for the big guys. Learn:

  • How transactional attorneys can provide the maximized value clients expect today, while minimizing costs and unproductive time
  • How ethnographic research helped developers build drafting products in tune with how attorneys actually work
  • Why enhanced legal document preparation and drafting software goes further to include legal precedents and changes to the law
This Thomson Reuters graphic shows the importance of legal transactional drafting software; 93% of attorneys say that transactional drafting software catches errors they otherwise would have missed.

In this study, 93% percent of attorneys said that enhanced legal transactional drafting software catches errors that they otherwise would have missed. What are you using?

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