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Thomson Reuters CLEAR for money laundering prevention
and due diligence

Money laundering and fraud prevention have always been serious concerns for financial institutions. The increasing penalties and fines being handed down from federal regulators underscore how imperative it is for regulated entities to identify and prevent money laundering and instances of fraud.

Compliance was difficult enough when all that was at stake was researching one particular customer. Today you’re mandated to know your prospect’s entire relevant network and who they work with.

It is vital that your AML investigation teams be able to make relevant connections and bring them into focus for a thorough understanding of any given subject. Doing so will help your organization overcome the biggest challenges involved in preventing money laundering and fraud in less time, while minimizing risks.

See how CLEAR can help you combat fraud and minimize risk by bringing connections into focus (2:48)

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Identifying risk in today's complex world isn't easy. The results of missing a bad connection can be catastrophic. But what if you could:

  • Boost the quality and scope of your data?
  • Scale and simplify your research?
  • Effortlessly uncover hidden clues and connections?

Discover how you can by downloading the CLEAR eGuide

How CLEAR can help you bring connections into focus

When you use CLEAR from Thomson Reuters, your team can more consistently minimize risks of all types – regulatory, financial, and reputational. You’ll catch more fraud with less effort, creating time to also identify positive players who can bring new revenue opportunities. As a result, you can:

  • Build a current and reliable picture of each person or entity you’re evaluating
  • Evaluate risks more consistently and effectively, even as you increase your volume of work and your speed
  • Take a deeper dive into data to uncover hidden connections without ever breaking stride

Learn about the benfits of CLEAR

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