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Public record podcasts

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Leveraging online public record data aggregation tools is an important first step to a thorough due diligence investigation. Listen to the following podcasts to learn more about improving your public records research.

Brief history of public records

A quick review of the developments of public records search logic – from registered vehicle information and the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) to the USA PATRIOT Act and beyond.

The problems with online public records

While public records search algorithms help us quickly analyze mountains of information, they are not flawless. Some potential shortcomings are discussed.

A model of the investigative process

A thorough public records investigation starts with an online search report, but it doesn’t end there. Other necessary steps are discussed.

A case study in fraud

A look at how one investigator’s thorough due diligence exposed a multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme that had duped some of the largest banks in the U.S.

Improving your public records investigative skills

Two investigation research experts discuss conducting effective due diligence and overcoming common challenges.

Learn how Thomson Reuters public records products can help your investigations

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Document retrieval from any court in the country – plus due diligence services.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR®

Online investigative software that brings key proprietary and public records into focus.

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