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Thomson Reuters Practical Law Connect

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Practical Law Connect for corporate counsel

A first-of-its kind solution, Practical Law Connect integrates Practical Law know-how with Westlaw tools, resources, and primary law. Get the answers you need quickly with an intuitive interface that features the most relevant resources selected by over 230 attorney-editors.


Provide the best possible legal answers with access to both legal know-how from Practical Law and legal research from Westlaw.


Find answers quickly with proprietary, task-based menus that allow you to browse by topic or content type. Access more than 2,000 tasks for 13 practice areas and in-house counsel projects.


Avoid the daunting task of getting up to speed in unfamiliar areas by relying on the expertise of over 230 Practical Law attorney-editors. Our editors are continually curating and publishing only the best, most relevant content, so you don't waste time on lengthy Internet searches.

“I recently had to provide detailed information regarding Mechanics Lien laws to the executive team of my company for a number of states. The Practical Law outlines and summaries enabled me to become an expert in a matter of minutes.

I cannot express how satisfied I am with Practical Law Connect. It saves our department time, which is the most important thing for the operation of our business.”

Katherine E. McKain
an in-house counsel for a multi-family real estate company

Keep pace with an ever-growing list of demands

Be a better business partner

As in-house counsel, you know how hard it is to manage your current workload and find time to collaborate and plan with your business colleagues. On a day-to-day basis, you tackle a range of legal issues, from reviewing contracts to creating policies to managing outside counsel, but this leaves little opportunity to provide strategic counsel that benefits the business.

How Practical Law Connect can help

Practical Law Connect is organized specifically to help attorneys spend less time finding and more time doing. Your department will become more productive with this comprehensive collection of resources and tools, so you can respond to your partners’ inquiries at a pace they will appreciate.

Strategically advise your business partners.

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Leverage evolving technology

Law departments are adopting legal technology at an increasingly fast rate in order to streamline workflow and increase productivity. But not all innovations are created equal. Invest in technology that provides answers you can trust, organized the way your legal department functions.

How Practical Law Connect can help

Practical Law Connect delivers resources and tools, organized to fit the way in-house attorneys work – by practice area, task, or project. Practical Law Connect’s innovative menus offer the unique advantage of quick browsing to find the most pertinent resources.

Stop relying on outside counsel and unreliable Internet searches.

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Keep up with regulatory changes

Your business partners turn to you to provide updates on legal and regulatory changes that will impact the organization. But with the overwhelming amount of information available, it’s a challenge to digest the information and provide timely, actionable insights to your colleagues.

How Practical Law Connect can help

Practical Law Connect provides access to Practitioner Insights, Practical Law Legal Updates and Reuters News to ensure you’re on top of new developments. What’s more, with full coverage of Westlaw statutes and regulations, you can confidently track and research changes in the law.

Spend less time tracking regulatory changes and more time focusing on business strategy.

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Work in unfamiliar areas of law

For many corporate legal departments, budget restraints are leading to more work staying in-house. As a result, in-house lawyers are taking on more work outside of their areas of expertise, exposing the company to potential risks.

How Practical Law Connect can help

Practical Law Connect’s task-based menus provide you a path to explore practice areas less familiar to you. Those menus feature resources written and curated by the Practical Law team of over 230 attorney-editors. Their expertise provides you with the most relevant legal content and know-how, news, and tools.

Reduce your reliance on outside counsel while mitigating the risks of handling less familiar work.

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Intuitive navigation gives you an easy starting point

Practical Law Connect for corporate counsel features a task-based organization, with dedicated in-house counsel projects and menus for 13 practice areas.

View screen shots below to explore how Practical Law Connect helps you get right to work.

Practical Law Connect for Corporate Counsel Screen Shot

Browse tasks by practice area.

See full screen shot

Practical Law Connect for Corporate Counsel Projects

Or start with the unique in-house counsel menu and select your current project.

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Practical Law Connect for Corporate Counsel Legal Tasks

Each task includes relevant Practice Notes, annotated documents, primary law, and secondary sources.

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Practical Law Connect resources

Practical Law Connect for corporate counsel includes Practical Law legal know-how, Westlaw primary law, and secondary sources that give you the information you need to advise, negotiate, and draft on behalf your organization. See how these resources can help you practice smarter.

Practical Law resources

Written and maintained continuously by Practical Law attorney editors

Practice Notes

Straightforward how-to guidance and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from primers to expert analysis.

Standard Documents & Clauses

Up-to-date precedents that reflect current law and practice with drafting and negotiating guidance. They can be downloaded and saved in Word for easy editing.


Checklists, timelines, and flowcharts to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.


One-stop-shop for a collection of continuously maintained resources for core areas of legal risk and compliance.

Contextual resources

Appear when they are relevant to a particular issue

Company Search

Review financial, structural, and personnel information for private and public companies to stay competitive or identify business opportunities.

Business Law Center

A collection of SEC and global filings, regulatory disclosures, and transaction summaries, all enhanced by Westlaw filters, annotations, and more.

State and Country Q&A

Review and compare relevant law across states or countries in multiple practice areas.

What’s Market

Search, compare, and analyze a range of deals and filings, including key legal provisions summarized by the Practical Law team.

Drafting Assistant Essential

Draft with confidence using our Drafting Assistant software’s most popular legal document drafting and analysis features.

Additional resources

Background, commentary, and in-depth resource tools

Secondary Sources

Review the largest collection of premier analytical titles, authored by leading practitioners, professors, judges, and in-house editorial experts.

Global Guides

Get global insight from leading lawyers in these comparative guides to the law worldwide.

Brief Bank

A searchable database of recently filed litigation documents in federal courts reflecting the formatting and content requirements counsel must consider.

Practical Law The Journal

The print companion to our online Practical Law services, Practical Law The Journal publishes new issues throughout the year that cover transactional, compliance, and litigation topics.

Why in-house counsel choose Practical Law Connect

Thomson Reuters engaged Blue Hill Research to interview current customers to understand the drivers behind investing in Practical Law Connect. See why in-house counsel use this intuitive task-based solution to create a more efficient, cost-effective legal department.

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