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Library Maintenance Agreement

LMAs were created to help our customers more effectively and easily maintain their large print libraries. Ask your Account Representative how the LMA can help you save money, streamline your administrative processes, and simplify your budgeting with predictable monthly pricing.

Call 1-800-762-5272 to get started.

Library Book

Save Money on Subscriptions

A Library Maintenance Agreement unifies all of your print subscriptions into a single contract with lower year-over-year increases.

Lock in Current Costs

If you are currently receiving a discounted rate for a title, the title is rolled into the deal at the discounted rate.

Enjoy Predictable Pricing

Your pricing is fixed for the life of the contract, so your library is unaffected by subscription price increases for titles included in the agreement. You know precisely what you will pay for several years in advance.

Library Maintenance Agreements



Frequently Asked Questions

Does our Library Maintenance Agreement reflect the discounts we previously had on print titles?

Discounted pricing may be carried forward in calculating your LMA rate. Certain discounting requirements may apply.

When will we receive our monthly invoice?

The invoice is generated on the 4th of the month and can be viewed immediately on My Account. Since the LMA goes into effect on the first day of the month after you enter into the agreement, your first invoice is considered the transitional month. During the transitional month, your invoice will contain charges for 1) any regularly billed items from the previous month and 2) this month's new LMA charges; these charges are prospective in nature.

Will my invoice state the unit cost for each title?

No. The LMA overrides unit costs on individual book subscriptions. The allocated value for each book subscription can be viewed in the monthly LMA Allocation Report found on My Account. You can also reference your LMA contract for the full-year view.

Does the LMA affect the timing of book updates?

No. We ship updates at the same time we ship them to everyone else. Supplemental materials, new disc versions, and all updates are included in the agreement.

How do I know what is included in our LMA?

A: Three ways: 1) Reference your LMA contract exhibit; 2) Access your library's LMA Allocation Report in My Account; or 3) Call Customer Service.

When can we purchase new books?

Anytime; additionally, you can roll books into the LMA at your predetermined swapping period, locking in future upkeep costs.

May we cancel books in our LMA?

Yes; however, the monthly fee will not be reduced during the LMA's term. During your swapping period, you may replace books with titles not already in your LMA and use them to purchase other books.

What happens if Thomson Reuters cancels a title that is in our agreement?

You will receive a letter informing you of the change. You may then choose whether to receive a comparable title.

What if new volumes are added to a title in my LMA?

Your agreement covers new volumes for a title included in your LMA; there is no additional charge. Pocket parts, pamphlets, replacement or ancillary volumes, looseleaf pages, related supplemental materials, new disc versions, and updates are included in the agreement.