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Definitions of Print Editions

New Edition

(e.g., "2nd Edition," "3rd Edition," "2004 Edition," etc. – Increasing the edition number from # to #+1)

General definition: A revised, rewritten, overhauled, reworked, substantially updated, and/or reorganized volume or set of volumes that completely takes the place of an existing volume or set of volumes, and that warrants the product's edition to be renamed as the next-higher sequentially numbered edition. This is done because the existing edition is outdated, is in need of reorganization, and/or contains obsolete materials.

"[Date] Edition" Pamphlet/Softbound Product: A stand-alone pamphlet/softbound product, which is designed to be completely replaced each update cycle by an updated version of itself, whose edition is renamed as the next later-dated edition (Example: Indiana School Laws and Rules, 2007-2008 Ed.).

Revised Edition

A volume or set of volumes, which completely takes the place of an existing volume or set of volumes, due to the large size of the existing supplement, or due to revisions or reorganizations to the main substantive material, but without the extensive reorganization that occurs for a "New Edition."

The issuance of a Revised Edition could be based largely on physical size factors (e.g., the need to fold in a large supplement or pocket part). The affected product is renamed "Revised Edition" and may include the edition number as appropriate (e.g., "Revised 2nd Edition"; "Revised 7th Edition"; etc.).

Code products may occasionally be reprinted when substantial data corrections are needed. Such a reprint will be designated a "Revised Edition."

Reissued Edition

Sometimes referred to as a "reprinted volume," this edition is sent to customers due to a format change (for example, looseleaf format to softbound format) or due to a change in production systems.

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