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Chief technology officer testimonial
for Westlaw

Larri J. Broomfield
Chief technology officer
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.

I'm Larri Broomfield. I'm a partner at Reinhart Boerner. I've been here 22 years. I'm on the board of directors, and I served as our chief technology officer.

One of the jobs that I have is to make sure that we are optimizing all the technologies that are available to us. We are constantly looking at new technologies, evaluating them and determining if they're appropriate. When we select an item like Westlaw, we've done the due diligence, and we're making sure that it's effective for our organization and our clients.

We wanted to do a demo of Westlaw at Reinhart because we're very interested in technology that provides better services to our clients.

"Technology allows us to get answers to our clients on an expedited basis."

Client's expectations of speed

Reinhart focuses on technology for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is our desire to provide the best services to our clients. We've understood that, to provide the best service, we must have the best technology.

The right technology allows us to do many things. It gets our attorneys working better, faster, which is one of our goals.

It allows us to get answers to our clients on an expedited basis. The expectations are that you have answers very, very quickly, and we want to satisfy those expectations and make our clients happy. We use Westlaw technology to get fast and accurate results.

A key factor in attracting talent

The demand we see with attorneys joining our firm is that we must have the full array of technologies for them. They need to know that they're able to perform their jobs in the most effective manner.

As we recruit, the latest, most effective technology helps us attract and retain exceptional talent. Westlaw helps us do that. New attorneys are looking for the best technology to help them be more successful – tools they know work.

We have confidence that, when our associates are doing research with Westlaw, they're able to provide the right answer on a timely basis.

Larri Broomfield

"It's a very competitive environment for law, so we need to do everything we can to remain the firm of choice."

We provide services and utilize technology that makes our clients' businesses successful. They need a real-time and practical answer, and they need to know that it's well thought-out, and we have to have the technologies available to do that.

"We partner with our clients for their success, so everything we do is driven to that end."