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Johanson’s Texas Estates Code Annotated, 2019 ed. contains the Texas Estates Code and related Texas statutes. 

Book   $207.00
ProView eBook   $207.00

This pamphlet provides a comprehensive and authoritative presentation of the Texas Family Code and related state laws. It includes Texas legislation through the most recent Regular Session of the Legislature.

Book   $207.00
ProView eBook   $207.00

This reference provides in-depth analyses of legal principles related to, and simplified ways to prepare, modified jury charges.

Book (Full Set)   $1,565.00
ProView eBook   $1,565.00

This pamphlet is a collection of Official Code provisions for the practice of probate law in South Carolina.

Book   $271.00
ProView eBook   $271.00

This practical manual for attorneys, contractors, architects, engineers, and developers covers virtually every legal issue involved in New York construction.

Book   $209.00
ProView eBook   $209.00

New edition Contains the full text of the Texas Penal Code and pertinent provisions from related state laws.

Book   $197.00

Simon's provides in-depth up-to-the-minute coverage of the rules that govern attorney conduct in New York. It is an essential guide for New York lawyers and for attorneys who litigate in New York.

Book (Full Set)   $444.00

This work contains an extract of workers' compensation laws from the South Carolina Code of Laws Annotated.

Book   $237.00
ProView eBook   $237.00

New edition

Thorough, authoritative treatment of the issues and questions confronting practitioners who are preparing for or conducting civil trials in federal courts.

Book (Full Set)   $826.00

New edition This work is a practical guide to the critical aspects of practicing trial law in Florida.

Book   $599.00
ProView eBook   $599.00

This handbook contains the full text of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and insightful commentary.

Book   $1,402.00

This handbook provides fast, easily located answers to questions on civil litigation, procedure, and evidence.

Book (Full Set)   $740.00

Quickly locate pertinent Michigan criminal law, including statutes, and court rules.

Book   $910.00
ProView eBook   $910.00

New edition This title provides you with essential information about Texas construction law.

Book   $271.00

New edition This edition covers the process of collecting and distributing a decedent's assets in Arkansas, from pre-death planning to taxes.

Book   $200.00
ProView eBook   $200.00

Step-by-step procedural format walks through all stages of a criminal prosecution, from initial client contact through trial, post-sentencing, and appeal.

Book (Full Set)   $510.00

Guide for personal injury, including preparation strategies and practice-tested tips and tactics.

Book (Full Set)   $3,385.00

New edition This set set provides a full range of forms used in Indiana probate cases.

Book (Full Set)   $1,054.00

New edition Extensive reference providing step-by-step guidance for every phase and all types of New York criminal cases.

Book   $795.00
ProView eBook   $795.00

This guide has over 600 pages of analysis of Utah trial case law, rules, and statutes. Examines evidenciary, procedural, and substantive aspects of trial.

Book (Full Set)   $655.00

Two-volume comprehensive overview and discussion of law related to domestic violence.

Book (Full Set)   $604.00
ProView eBook   $604.00

New edition This handbook is a comprehensive guide that covers trial-related legal issues in Indiana.

Book   $469.00

Offers fast, accurate answers to questions of procedure and evidence at trial.

Book (Full Set)   $514.00

This work is a practical guide to every critical aspect of practicing trial law in South Carolina.

Book   $952.00

Provides complete and up-to-date instructions and commentary by the Alabama Supreme Court Committee on Jury Instructions.

Book (Full Set)   $488.00
ProView eBook   $488.00