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This Legal Almanac publication gives a thorough introduction to federal and state consumer protection statutes and relevant enforcement agencies.

Book   $45.00

This Legal Almanacs title is an overview of consumer debt and credit counseling issues.

Book   $45.00

Written for the nonlawyer, this second edition revisits laws relating to obscenity and pornography and explores how they, along with industry and cultural norms, have changed over time.

Book   $45.00

This publication is a handy reference that helps readers gain greater control over their housing needs and better understand the rules applicable to rental properties.

Book   $45.00

This Legal Almanac publication is an overview of the law governing hospital liability.

Book   $45.00

This Legal Almanac title is an exploration of the types and circumstances of adoption, the adoption process, and state and federal laws governing adoption.

Book   $45.00

This almanac discusses privacy issues related to the Internet and steps consumers should take to protect their private information.

Book   $45.00

This Legal Almanacs title is an important overview of the medical and legal aspects of the AIDS epidemic.

Book   $45.00

This title is a valuable introduction for nonlawyers who seek to familiarize themselves with the most recent changes in U.S. immigration law.

Book   $45.00

This Legal Almanac title discusses the available rights and benefits afforded the nation's military veterans.

Book   $45.00

This book explains the types of property subject to copyright; how to protect and use copyrighted property; and copyright as it applies to the Internet.

Book   $45.00

This Legal Almanacs book is an overview of the law governing guardianship and conservatorship of minors and disabled adults.

Book   $45.00

This title is a fundamental resource for anybody wanting to learn how workers' compensation laws can protect employees suffering from a work-related injury.

Book   $45.00

This almanac provides an overview of environmental law, accessible to those who may be encountering this area for the first time.

Book   $45.00

This title provides expert analysis of federal laws affecting import and export trade with the United States.

Book (Full Set)   $9,084.00
ProView eBook   $9,084.00

This Legal Almanac publication provides consumers with a general overview of many of the most common issues involved in acquiring a mortgage for real property.

Book   $45.00

This title provides expert analysis and commentary on the environmental regulatory regimes of over 60 jurisdictions worldwide.

Book (Full Set)   $3,404.00
ProView eBook   $3,404.00

This title provides the user with a guide to the implementation of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea at the regional and national levels.

Book (Full Set)   $2,584.00

This is a uniquely thorough and complete resource for understanding contemporary money laundering law.

Book (Full Set)   $7,240.00

This Legal Almanacs book explores the various methods and definitions of discrimination in hiring practices and promotions.

Book   $45.00

This title provides a comprehensive resource of EU documents and commentary that describes the structure and function of the European Union.

Book (Full Set)   $5,633.00

This eight-volume title encompasses the complete range of securities topics, including legal systems, securities regulatory schemes, public securities markets.

Book (Full Set)   $6,315.00
ProView eBook   $6,315.00

This title provides commentary and primary source materials on international trade in services and the broad legal framework governing it.

Book (Full Set)   $5,370.00
ProView eBook   $5,370.00

This title provides general information on the enforcement of judgments and arbitration awards in over 75 foreign jurisdictions.

Book (Full Set)   $3,758.00
ProView eBook   $3,758.00

This title provides a detailed discussion of the legal framework for international economic cooperation within ASEAN and the status of ASEAN as a legal entity.

Book (Full Set)   $9,995.00