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CFLR Propertizer™

Product details:

Brand: California Family Law Report
Service #: 40322096
Sub #: 42575291
Publication Frequency: Updated annually and as changes in the law dictate
Update format: Web release

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CFLR Propertizer™


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CFLR Propertizer is a property division software that easily divides community assets and debts.

This program:

  • Calculates each item’s equity when you enter its fair market value and any encumbrances.
  • Assigns each item to either or both parties in any proportion.
  • Estimates after-tax results by entering marginal tax brackets on each item's tax basis.
  • Allows you to insert items or delete them temporarily or permanently.
  • Minimizes or eliminates the equalizing payment by manual or software-assisted redistribution to a party.
  • Includes a Moore/Marsden worksheet, allowing you to easily work out the marital interest in separately acquired property.
  • Considers short- and long-term capital gains and losses.
  • Prints Judicial Council Forms FL-142, FL-160, and FL-161.
  • Handles Epstein and Watts calculations.