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Administrative Law

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This pamphlet contains major environmental law statutes enacted by Congress in its effort to address the problems of pollutants in the air, water, and land.

Book   $411.00
ProView eBook   $411.00

Offers clear, concise treatment of the registration, regulation, and compliance questions and problems practitioners encounter.

Book   $2,039.00 $1,835.10
ProView eBook   $2,039.00 $1,835.10

This title contains all the court rules, statutes, and orders related to family law practice in Massachusetts.

Book   $497.00 $447.30

Convenient, comprehensive resource for locating the latest in workers’ compensation administrative rules.

Book   $248.00
ProView eBook   $248.00

This title presents a compilation of Illinois rules relevant to civil practice.

Book   $331.00 $297.90
ProView eBook   $331.00 $297.90

This text discusses statutory and common law sources of liability and considers the concerns of the varied parties involved.

Book   $1,808.00 $1,627.20
ProView eBook   $1,808.00 $1,627.20

Comprehensive guide to estates, trusts, wills, and the probate process. Includes forms for wills, trusts, and probate proceedings.

Book (Full Set)   $1,141.00 $1,026.90

This work contains the official administrative code of North Carolina.

Book (Full Set)

These volumes collect, correlate, explain, and simplify Oklahoma probate practice.

Book (Full Set)   $387.00 $348.30

This title gives you a detailed and current analysis of statutory and decisional authority concerning workers' compensation.

Book (Full Set)   $259.75 $233.78
ProView eBook   $259.75 $233.78

This Legal Almanac title discusses the available rights and benefits afforded the nation's military veterans.

Book   $45.00 $40.50

New edition This three-volume set explains the practice of law within the federal Food and Drug Administration.

Book (Full Set)   $1,188.00 $1,069.20
ProView eBook   $1,188.00 $1,069.20

Practical, comprehensive guide organizes and analyzes the administrative law statutes, court and agency decisions, rules, regulations, forms, and procedures.

Book (Full Set)   $427.00 $384.30
ProView eBook

This practical reference contains analytical text, statutes, and case law governing the administration and operations of Ohio counties.

Book (Full Set)   $487.00 $438.30

Discusses federal land use planning, including environmental regulation, and public water and mineral resource preservation.

Book (Full Set)   $3,038.00 $2,734.20
ProView eBook   $3,038.00 $2,734.20

Detailed and informed reference covering administrative practice and procedure in New York State, including tactics, strategies, checklists, statutes, and forms.

Book (Full Set)   $316.00 $284.40

Gain insight into pesticide regulations and technical data. Includes guide for drafting pleadings, planning discovery, and locating experts for litigation.

Book   $1,968.00 $1,771.20
ProView eBook   $1,968.00 $1,771.20

Fingertip access to the full range of rent control and stabilization requirements in New York City and the state.

Book   $814.00 $732.60
ProView eBook   $814.00 $732.60

This book is a compilation of the laws and rules governing the administration of public employment in Ohio.

Book   $699.00

A thorough discussion of Ohio administrative law, along with a comprehensive directory of state agencies.

Book   $561.00 $504.90

This title provides a comprehensive list and discussion of forms related to the practice of administrative law in Texas.

Book (Full Set)   $452.00 $406.80

Full-spectrum discussion of community property law as it applies in Arizona.

Book (Full Set)   $242.00 $217.80
ProView eBook   $242.00 $217.80

Administrative forms related to Business and Professions Code sections.

Book (Full Set)   $554.00 $498.60

Provides current developments occurring under the Missouri Administrative Practices Act, the Missouri Open Government Proceedings Act, and the latest reported cases.

Book (Full Set)   $394.00 $354.60
ProView eBook   $394.00 $354.60

Discusses administrative law statutes, rules and cases; cites federal administrative law wherever Minnesota law is incomplete.

Book (Full Set)   $216.00 $194.40
ProView eBook   $216.00 $194.40