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Our business law books cover a wide range of topics, including drafting, executing and administering contracts, deeds, incorporations, and more.

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This complete guide to Texas business organizations includes the entire Business Organizations Code, selected Business and Commerce Code sections, the Texas Securities Act, and related statutes, all annotated.

Book   $150.00
ProView eBook   $150.00

This volume contains the full text of California Corporations Code and selected regulations from CCR Title 10.

Book   $91.00

New edition Contains a complete resource for business and commercial law practice in California by providing all necessary statutes, rules, and regulations.

Book   $119.00

This treatise provides comprehensive treatment of the laws that have developed under the federal Act, D.C., and various states.

Book (Full Set)   $356.00 $284.80
ProView eBook   $356.00 $284.80

Texas Corporation and Partnership Laws, 2020 ed. contains the Business Organizations Code, as amended through the 2019 Regular Session of the 86th Legislature.

Book   $108.00
ProView eBook   $108.00

Fully integrated treatment of corporate law, federal and state securities law, and tax considerations. Covers formation, operations, and dissolution.

Book (Full Set)   $560.00

Texas Business and Commerce Code, 2020 ed. contains the text of the Code, as amended through the 2019 Regular Session of the 86th Legislature.

Book   $89.00
ProView eBook   $89.00

This Aspatore legal title is a comprehensive explanation of the material provisions and issues that arise among members of a limited liability company when preparing or amending an operating agreement.

Book   $95.00 $76.00

New edition Offers clear, concise treatment of the registration, regulation, and compliance questions and problems practitioners encounter.

Book   $2,345.00 $1,876.00
ProView eBook   $2,345.00 $1,876.00

Ohio Employment Practices Law offers a practical guide to the fast-changing law of employment practices.

Book   $662.00 $529.60
ProView eBook   $662.00 $529.60

An analysis of legal principles and rules unique to corporate counsel.

Book (Full Set)   $668.00 $534.40

This comprehensive resource delivers a concise statement and critical examination of every major substantive subject of California statutory and decisional law.

Book (Full Set)   $2,725.00 $2,180.00
ProView eBook   $2,725.00 $2,180.00

Authoritative discussion of federal income tax issues involved with S corporations.

Book (Full Set)   $2,030.00 $1,624.00
ProView eBook   $2,030.00 $1,624.00

Provides step-by-step guidance for adapting the traditional corporate framework into one suitable for close corporations.

Book (Full Set)   $1,881.00 $1,504.80
ProView eBook   $1,881.00 $1,504.80

Comprehensive treatise on the wide range of complex issues raised by a shareholder derivative lawsuit.

Book   $1,312.00 $1,049.60
ProView eBook   $1,312.00 $1,049.60

Authoritative resource on general and limited partnership law with special emphasis on recent developments.

Book   $879.00 $703.20
ProView eBook   $879.00 $703.20

This multivolume set is a comprehensive guide to business law in Indiana.

Book (Full Set)   $949.00 $759.20
ProView eBook   $949.00 $759.20

A sourcebook of all aspects of Arizona corporate law.

Book (Full Set)   $854.00 $683.20

The new edition of this work provides the complete text of major corporate acts in Florida.

Book   $773.00
ProView eBook   $773.00

A state-by-state problem-solving guide to the formation, operation, and termination of limited liability companies.

Book (Full Set)   $788.00 $630.40

This set includes an in-depth discussion of the Texas Business Organizations Code, including coverage of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and professional associations.

Book (Full Set)   $780.00 $624.00
ProView eBook   $780.00 $624.00

Trade Secrets Throughout the World provides a comprehensive review of the practices and procedures for protecting trade secrets in over 40 nations worldwide, including many of the United States' largest trading partners.

Book (Full Set)   $738.00 $590.40
ProView eBook   $738.00 $590.40

This extensive guide examines electronic discovery, records management, and production of electronically stored information.

Book   $581.00 $464.80
ProView eBook   $581.00 $464.80

This title examines the corporation as a business form in Kentucky in detail, and includes forms for typical situations.

Book (Full Set)   $416.00 $332.80
ProView eBook   $416.00 $332.80

A practical guide that surveys the full spectrum of intellectual property law.

Book   $413.00 $330.40
ProView eBook   $413.00 $330.40