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Insurance Law

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Informed examination of insurance coverage in construction disputes, discussing settlement costs, judgments, legal fees, CGL policy, and court interpretations.

Book (Full Set)   $2,327.00
ProView eBook   $2,327.00

Constitutional, statutory, judicial, and administrative laws are integrated for a complete analysis on every aspect of California law.

Book (Full Set)   $40,366.00

Covers all aspects of insurer bad faith claims.

Book (Full Set)   $876.00
ProView eBook   $876.00

Provides a guide to the laws of automobile liability insurance, including a state-by-state guide to no-fault and other insurance laws.

Book (Full Set)   $2,151.00
ProView eBook   $2,151.00

This Aspatore product discusses strategies for successfully analyzing and negotiating insurance disputes.

Book   $125.00

This title provides you with insights of experts about the implications of important recent ERISA decisions.

Book (Full Set)

A practitioner’s insights get beyond the statutes and provide a guide to handling the most frequently encountered motor vehicle violations.

Book (Full Set)   $1,046.00
ProView eBook

This title contains more than 258,180 case annotations to the most commonly sold and litigated property and liability policies in the United States today.

Book (Full Set)   $7,035.00

This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative, insider’s perspective on handling insurance issues the policyholder encounters during the legal process.

Book   $80.00

Comprehensive legal guidance and forms, supported by authoritative, up-to-date caselaw and statutes, to handle all aspects/types of motor vehicle accident cases.

Book (Full Set)   $4,217.00
ProView eBook   $4,217.00

Complete resource for insurance law matters in Minnesota, including commentary, case review, statutes and regulations.

Book   $1,036.00

Contains a balanced, comprehensive collection of writings by experts in insurance coverage litigation.

Book   $1,747.00
ProView eBook   $1,747.00

A comprehensive resource providing detailed coverage of Texas civil and criminal law, both substantive and procedural.

Book (Full Set)   $35,995.00

This comprehensive legal encyclopedia contains textual statements of law alphabetically arranged in more than 400 topics.

Book (Full Set)   $23,260.00

Expanded version of classic handbook on casualty insurance claims.

Book (Full Set)   $4,141.00
ProView eBook   $4,141.00

Volume 8A of Ohio Administrative Code covers rules and regulations relating to gaming, alcohol and drug abuse programs, and insurance.

Book (Full Set)   $462.00

This Aspatore product provides an insider's perspective on the insurance industry and the future of the business.

Book   $32.95

This title contains the official Administrative Code for North Carolina relating to insurance.

Book   $73.35

Provides an encyclopedic reference of auto insurance policies from creation through renewal or termination. Also includes personal injury issues.

Book (Full Set)   $772.50
ProView eBook   $772.50

The definitive resource on insurance and insurance law—now completely rewritten and reorganized.

Book (Full Set)   $25,750.00
ProView eBook   $25,750.00

All newly reported California insurance-related decisions, significant federal cases, statutes, regulations, and other legislative and regulatory developments are covered in this newsletter.

Book (Full Set)

This newsletter reports expert case summaries of new court decisions.

Book (Full Set)

This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative, insider's perspective on best practices for litigating insurance coverage disputes.

Book   $85.00

The index for the official text of New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (NYCRR).

Book   $69.47

This title presents bad faith actions from both plaintiff and defendant perspectives.

Book   $1,145.00
ProView eBook