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National Security Investigations and Prosecutions, 2d

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Format: Book - hardbound
Brand: Thomson West
Copyright: 2012-2016
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Pages: 2206
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National Security Investigations and Prosecutions, 2d



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National Security Investigations and Prosecutions presents the law governing, and related to, national security investigations (NSIs). An NSI is an investigation conducted by the United States government to acquire information about foreign threats to the national security, e.g., international terrorism.

National security law is often inaccessible, and can be particularly hard to follow when divorced from the context of historical tradition, governmental structures, and the operational reality in which it functions. This treatise explores the full background of NSIs, both from a pre-911 and a post-911 perspective, providing a powerful tool for any attorney handling a case involving a national security investigation or prosecution. The text:

    • Explains the federal government's power, and limits on that power, in the area of NSIs

    • Describes the investigative tools available to the government, explaining how they work and how they can be challenged

    • Provides step-by-step guidance for companies regarding civil and criminal liability for actions involving electronic surveillance

    • Covers laws that apply, and issues that arise, when an NSI leads to prosecution or other litigation


  • National Security Investigations and Prosecutions is a deep and thorough explanation of the law that governs the FBI and other government agencies in their most important activities. It offers incisive and clearly expressed legal argument informed by a pragmatic and balanced approach to some of the most significant and difficult issues of our time. The book is at once a reference for legal scholars, a manual for practitioners, and a primer for students of this often inaccessible but critically
  • As former Presiding Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, I have read extensively in this area, and National Security Investigations and Prosecutions is the single best treatment of the topic that I have ever seen. Rich in scholarly analysis, it is also highly practical and impartial. The seamless integration and clear exposition of legal theory, public policy, and operational reality is unique in the field, and should serve as a crucial buttress to wise and effective legislati
  • Messrs. Kris and Wilson shed new, and welcome, light on an area of law little known, but of increasing importance: the laws governing the conduct of intelligence and counterterrorism activities within the United States. Long the province of a tiny group of government lawyers, working largely in secrecy, national security law is now of interest to everyone who cares about how we can, and should, respond to foreign threats in our Constitutional democracy. Kris and Wilson take on the toughest iss
  • Both scholarly and grounded in the practice of national security law, this long-awaited book brings clarity and light to questions once shrouded in secrecy and myth. Jamie Gorelick, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States; former Member, National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (the 9-11 Commission).
  • This treatise is a very helpful contribution for anyone involved in the legal aspects of the war on terrorism and intelligence. It provides expert and thoughtful analysis of this incredibly complex and secretive topic, and helps make the topic accessible. Given the centrality of the issues classified intelligence collection and the balance with civil liberties this is a valuable addition. Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator, and Member of the Select Committee on Intelligence and
  • In this useful and timely book, coauthors David Kris and Doug Wilson combine the refined research skills and dogged persistence of respected legal scholars with the practical insights of widely admired top Justice Department lawyers. An ambitious undertaking, the book traces the evolution over half an eventful century of law, judicial review, and Congressional oversight governing the arcane world of national security investigations. Kris and Wilson take us from the simpler pre-Cold-War era o
  • Kris and Wilson combine lucid legal analysis with common sense firmly rooted in operational experience, bridging the gap between theory and practice and presenting the law in a functional context. The difficulty of that task, and the value of the result, are revealed by the fact that it took the U.S. government longer to review and release the book for publication than it did for the authors to write it. Laurence H. Silberman, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Colu
  • Serious students of national security law will want to come to grips with the authors penetrating analysis and comprehensive description of this sensitive arena. Our national security depends on excellent scholarship here. John Ashcroft, former Attorney General of the United States.