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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
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Law enforcement plans and pricing

Thomson Reuters CLEAR

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Discover the CLEAR difference

CLEAR plans for law enforcement

Thomson Reuters CLEAR offers unique pricing options to help your officers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their investigations by harnessing the power of billions of data points in public records.

How CLEAR for law enforcement pricing works

CLEAR offers two pricing options to meet the challenges of law enforcement agencies – from officers wearing multiple hats to agencies with specialized units and task forces.

Pricing models

Enterprise Pricing

Enterprise pricing

The CLEAR Enterprise approach is designed to deliver a shared resource for your department by allowing all officers to access the CLEAR database – creating consistencies in your investigations, reducing duplicative searching, and maximizing your budget.

Investigator Pricing

Investigator pricing

The CLEAR Investigator plan is available to meet the needs of strategic investigative units within a law enforcement agency – allowing your power users to access the right tools to find trusted answers.

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Most popular plan
CLEAR for Law Enforcement Plus

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Discover the CLEAR difference

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Credit header gateways

Access two real-time credit header gateways to receive the latest data updates linked to a name, address, phone number, date of birth, or Social Security Number (SSN) from all 50 states, D.C., and U.S. territories.

Motor vehicle gateway

Leverage real-time vehicle registration and lien holder information from 45 states and territories to access the most current information – registrations are often renewed annually and not all owners use financing options.

DMV records

Find state-issued department of motor vehicle licensure information for last reported addresses, but also including key demographic information like reported height, weight, hair color, and eye color.

Asset information

View ownership history and asset details related to watercraft, aircraft, vehicles, and real property to aid an investigation where unknown assets may create new leads.

Business data

Access current and historical records related to businesses, including addresses, phones, corporate filings, affiliations, and global sanctions to identify new connections or filing information.


Identify healthcare licensure records from all states boards and agencies issuing certificates, registrations, or licenses, as well as professional licenses for state issued to both professional or commercial entities.

Intellectual property

Access domestic and international trademarks, patents, and U.S. patent applications, and copyrights filed with the registering authority.

Reverse phone gateway

Search live phone records with access to millions of wireless and landline records, including ported indicators and the operating company for faster investigative connections.

Utilities data

Access more than 400 million nationwide records from national and regional telephone, cable, satellite, gas, electric, and water utility companies to find new addresses for known subjects.

Quick analysis flags

Evaluate a checklist of key information to efficiently identify potential risk indicators for a person or business, like OFAC listings, multiple SSNs, bankruptcy filings, criminal records, and deceased indicators.

Dashboard tools

Interact with key report details to filter your results faster and discover hidden information using Address Map, Associate Analytics, Graphical Display, News, and Company Family Tree.

Web analytics

Find a subject’s online Web presence through search results from more than 20 billion traditional and 1 trillion deep Web sources.

My Workspace

Link entities using visualization capabilities within the online interface to quickly analyze data. The ability to save results allows investigations to continue at a later date.


Create an automated monitor of a person or business to trigger an alert whenever a modification or new data record is added to a profile.

Premium Add-On Offerings

Thomson Reuters CLEAR investigative solution offers unique product offerings that can be combined to build a customized collection of content to meet and exceed the needs of our law enforcement customers.

Real-Time Incarceration and Arrest Gateway

Access fully integrated incarceration and arrest data beyond jurisdictional boundaries:

  • Hourly record updates
  • More than 2,100 facilities
  • 90 million incarceration records from more than 40 states
  • 18 million booking images from more than 30 states

Dashboard Tools*

Interact with key report details to filter your results faster:

  • Quick analysis flags
  • Address map
  • News
  • Associate analytics
  • Graphical display
  • Map analytics
  • Company family tree

* Dashboard Tools are included in the Law Enforcement Plus package

License Plate Recognition

Connect CLEAR public records to valuable Vigilant Solutions® LPR data to make data-driven connections to enhance and accelerate your investigations.

  • 7 billion commercial license plate scans with more than 150 million new scans per month
  • Unique capabilities available only with CLEAR LPR, including radius and linked searches


Create a continuous monitor to track data changes relevant to the investigation:

Person and Business Alerts

Stay on top of new data added to a person or business record through daily alerts which can include addresses, assets, adverse information, or license information.

Incarceration and Arrest Alerts

Know where and why a subject was arrested within hours of the arrest using the network of 2,100 facilities in more than 40 states.


Search thousands of person and document records at once:

Fixed-Rate Batch

Predict your costs and save time by searching large volume of names at once to better manage warrant lists, find current addresses, or identify death records.

Batch Alerting

With heavy caseloads, Batch Alerting enables you to upload thousands of names to continue investigations through daily alerting to new information.

What our customers are saying

“(CLEAR delivers) accurate and valuable information, helping save hours of investigative work. Timing is everything, and having the right tools to do your job helps keep the community safe. Benefits are not limited to one area of the law. It is far-reaching, and is vital for every business.”

Terry Reeves
Undersheriff for Crowley County

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