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Everyday Heroes

Connecting a veteran with his
long lost sister

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Everyday Heroes

Locating a retired widow's savings

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Law Firm Heroes

Everything you do is in service of your client. Whether it's locating an elusive individual for testimony or securing vital information to close an important deal, you're helping improve the lives of the people you serve. When you use Thomson Reuters tools such as PeopleMap, Company Investigator and Court Express to get the most out of your investigations, you're creating stories Everyday. And we'd love to hear them.

2016 Winner

Reed Smith LLP

With new legislation, and a deadline to submit looming, this attorney and a team of law students worked pro bono to identify wrongly incarcerated individuals and help them obtain their rightful tax refunds. Read more

Reed Smith LLP

The Innocence Project has worked for years to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals. Once those individuals were released from custody, they received compensation from the state or federal government – compensation that was subject to taxation.

In 2015, congress passed the Wrongful Conviction Tax Relief Act, which gave those who had paid taxes on their compensation a one-year window to re-file their taxes.

Reed Smith attorney Kelley Miller, along with twenty law students from William & Mary were tasked with locating these individuals to make sure they were aware of the opportunity and offer free legal services to help them get their tax refunds.

The clock was ticking and there were a lot of people to find, people such as one gentleman who had never even jaywalked, but had somehow been wrongfully convicted of murder.

Finding the people who qualified turned out to be far more difficult than anyone had anticipated. Kelley and her team weren’t having much luck using standard Internet resources – and the one-year window was closing fast.

The team relied on PeopleMap from Thomson Reuters, an online pubic records tool designed to access and organize data, to help find the right people at the right locations. Using powerful search results filters, the team found that using PeopleMap helped them quickly find the latest address or phone number.

Kelley and her team have already helped a lot of people get their refund and they are working hard to extend the application deadline so they can continue to help wrongly convicted individuals.

Thomson Reuters Everyday Heroes | Reed Smith (4:10)

Past winners and great stories.

Metro Legal Service

Helping to restore a retired widow's savings. Read more

Minneapolis, Minnesota (2:13)

Metro Legal Service

Recovering a widow's money from a crooked financial advisor

A local attorney was representing a widow in Saint Louis County (MN) who had invested too much money with a dishonest financial advisor who took her money. The attorney put an investigator on the case. The investigator conducted an asset search using CLEAR that helped restore the retired widow's savings. CLEAR immediately helped him find assets he wasn't expecting. He discovered a financial picture of the son and the widow's parents. They evidently used the money to pay off commercial assets. CLEAR showed him what he needed to know, and the investigator had to believe it because it was all right there. The investigator was able to find banking relationships, vehicles, real estate and other streams of income that helped recover the $80,000 judgment.

DLA Piper

Connecting a veteran with a long-lost sister. Read more

DLA Piper

Connecting a Veteran with a Long-Lost Sister

DLA Piper, LLP partners with Thomson Reuters at Stand Down in San Diego

In times of war, exhausted combat units requiring time to rest and recover were removed from the battlefields to a place of relative security and safety. Today, Stand Down refers to a community-based intervention program designed to help the nation's estimated 200,000 homeless veterans "combat" life on the streets. "The program has become recognized as the most valuable outreach tool to help homeless veterans in the nation today," according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

For the past several years, DLA Piper, LLP has teamed with Thomson Reuters to provide free legal services to Veterans in San Diego at this three-day event. Legal professionals from DLA Piper volunteer their time while Thomson Reuters provides free access to their Public Records and PeopleMap databases to help veterans locate their family members. Located in the Communications Tent, volunteers assist veterans in finding loved ones using PeopleMap and then call them for free using phones provided on site.

For many reasons, including chronic homelessness, long-term deployments and medical conditions which resulted from combat, men and women lose contact with their loved ones. PeopleMap is the resource that links our veterans with their loved ones.

So many have benefited from the alliance between DLA Piper and Thomson Reuters, but here are some particularly touching stories of Veterans that have been helped:

  • Using PeopleMap, we were able to help a homeless veteran locate his sister's telephone number. He called her right away and left a message. Later that day, I noticed one of our long distance telephones ringing. Much like it is difficult to walk by a ringing payphone, I answered the call. It turns out it was the sister of this Veteran we helped earlier. She called our phones because she did not recognize the number and it was different from the number her brother had left. She told me she had not spoken to her brother in over 10 years, and if I saw him, I was to let him know that she definitely wanted to talk to him and that she would try to reach him on the number he left her. She asked what Stand Down was and once I let her know the details, she thanked me profusely for being there to support our veterans and for helping her brother find her.
  • Thanks to Westlaw's PeopleMap, we were able to quickly locate the contact information for a veteran who reached out to his daughter. After he talked to her for a long time, he told us that he had not spoken with her in over 16 years. He was thrilled to reconnect with her and thanked us repeatedly.
  • Another memorable moment was one of our attorneys used PeopleMap to help a man locate his twin sister who he had not spoken to in almost 20 years. The attorney located the veteran's twin sister, and he was able to call her on the phones we provided. They spoke for over an hour, and she was able to give him contact information for other family members. When he hung up the phone, this burly man, easily over 6 feet tall, had tears running down his face. He could not thank us enough for finding his lost loved ones and for giving him the means to make immediate contact with them.

Those of us in the San Diego office of DLA Piper are so grateful to utilize the power of Westlaw PeopleMap to quickly and accurately locate public record information to help our homeless veterans.

Thomsen Nybeck
Bridget Peterson

Significantly increasing their success rate in collecting for your clients. Read more

Thomsen Nybeck

I have significantly increased our success rate in collecting for our clients using CLEAR. Thank you!

Fromm Law Group
Abby Schackelford

Locating hard-to-find debtors for the FDIC. Read more

Fromm Law Group

Every day, CLEAR assists us in successfully locating debtors. Because we predominantly do work for Value Recovery Group, L.P., a limited partnership with the FDIC, much of the findings on CLEAR help us return money to the federal government.