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Georgia law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive Georgia legal resources, including law books, WestlawNext, legal software and automated forms for Georgia attorneys.

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This title gives you forms for criminal proceedings in Georgia, from trial through post-conviction remedies.


This treatise explains construction liens, contracts, and claims in easy-to-understand language, useful for legal professionals and non-practitioners.

Book (Full Set)   $140.00
ProView eBook   $140.00

This title gives you the latest session laws, and supplemental aids to keep you up-to-date on legislative actions.


Provides you with a guide to handling collection cases, from the start through final collection, with forms, checklists and examples.

Book (Full Set)   $271.00

This set provides litigation forms for nearly every aspect of Georgia civil practice in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

Book (Full Set)   $1,579.00

This CD-ROM companion to the print edition provides all the forms from the main book.


This title examines the current law and history of punitive damages in Georgia, and gives you case analysis from experienced Georgia litigators.

Book (Full Set)   $275.00
ProView eBook   $275.00

Provides you with a discussion of the rules of service and process in Georgia, including forms.

Book (Full Set)   $296.00
ProView eBook   $296.00

This product provides feedback from leading legal minds on the challenges of working with foreclosed properties in the Georgia market.

Book   $25.00

This caselaw reporter contains opinions issued by Georgia state courts, plus West headnotes, Key Numbers, and other editorial enhancements.

Book (Full Set)   $38,174.00

This product contains the forms from the wills and estates guide, from simple wills to superior court appeals.


A legal encyclopedia covering personal injury and torts, business torts and trade regulation, family law, and workers’ compensation in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $4,162.00

Designed for both the general practitioner and eminent domain specialist, this title reviews the basic procedures and substantive issues arising in condemnation cases.

Book   $312.00
ProView eBook   $312.00

This set provides a comprehensive array of forms for use by Georgia practitioners in almost any kind of case, civil or criminal.

Book (Full Set)   $5,954.00
ProView eBook   $5,954.00

Provides you with guidance, forms, and checklists for the plaintiff or defendant in soft tissue claims in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $189.00
ProView eBook   $189.00

This is the combined Georgia Jurisprudence and Georgia Procedure sets, providing a basic overview of selected topics in Georgia substantive and procedural law.

Book (Full Set)   $23,144.00

A legal encyclopedia providing comprehensive treatment of environmental law in Georgia.

Book   $2,197.00

Comprehensive collection of forms for transactions in compliance with Georgia law.

Book (Full Set)   $5,471.00

This Key Number Digest contains headnotes classified according to West's® Key Number System, for Georgia state and federal court decisions.

Book (Full Set)   $26,471.00

A legal encyclopedia providing comprehensive treatment of personal injury and torts, business torts and trade regulation, and workers’ compensation in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $2,628.00

This work is an integrated analytical treatment of selected topics in civil and criminal law in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $16,772.00

A legal encyclopedia providing comprehensive treatment of criminal law and criminal procedure in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $3,433.00

The most accurate, up-to-date text of Georgia statutes, fully annotated with legislative histories, notes of judicial decisions, and additional research aids. This code accelerates research by connecting information efficiently and logically.

Book (Full Set)   $6,643.00

This WestlawNext™ subscription provides access to this leading legal encyclopedia with over 400 articles covering every topic of federal and state law.


This work is an analytical collection of forms for civil procedure practice in Georgia's state courts.

Book (Full Set)   $4,411.00