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Georgia law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive Georgia legal resources, including law books, WestlawNext, legal software and automated forms for Georgia attorneys.

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Most attorneys' practices will, at one time or another, have to deal with first-party property coverage or a commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy. This book gives you the law you need to know.

Book   $347.00
ProView eBook   $347.00

This broad array of primarily commercial lease forms is augmented by useful documents related to lease transactions.

Book   $288.00

This title provides a complete review of product liability law in Georgia, including discussions of negligence, warranties, and strict liability.

Book (Full Set)   $259.00

New edition Provides the forms most commonly used in divorce actions.


This guide to Georgia probate and administration law discusses common problems and their solutions.

Book (Full Set)   $228.00

This title gives you a comprehensive review of postjudgment collection tools and suggestions on their use.

Book (Full Set)   $224.00

This treatise explains construction liens, contracts, and claims in easy-to-understand language, useful for legal professionals and non-practitioners.

Book (Full Set)   $212.00

This set provides a comprehensive array of forms for use by Georgia practitioners in almost any kind of case, civil or criminal.

Book (Full Set)   $3,143.00

Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $142.00
ProView eBook   $142.00

Provides you with a guide to long-term care and financial planning for your elderly and incapacitated clients.

Book   $389.00
ProView eBook   $389.00

New edition Provides a complete guide to civil discovery in Georgia, including practical forms.

Book   $417.00

This is Mike McLaughlin's useful courtroom tool for judges and trial lawyers regarding evidence questions in civil cases.

Book   $415.00
ProView eBook   $415.00

New edition

Redfearn Wills and Administration in Georgia is a complete guide to wills, probate, and the administration of estates from the petition-for-letters to the final discharge of the personal representative.

Book (Full Set)   $288.00

This title gives guidance and practice tips for handling personal injury cases in Georgia.

Book   $271.00
ProView eBook   $271.00

This work gives guidance to preparing real estate documents and helps you provide legal advice to sellers, buyers, or brokers.

Book (Full Set)   $244.00
ProView eBook

New edition Provides a quick reference manual of Georgia criminal statutes and case annotations for use in the office and courtroom.

Book   $544.00
ProView eBook   $544.00

This title examines the current law and history of punitive damages in Georgia, and gives you case analysis from experienced Georgia litigators.

Book (Full Set)   $205.00
ProView eBook   $205.00

This practical handbook provides Georgia attorneys with a straightforward and thorough foundation in Georgia medical malpractice law.

Book   $503.00
ProView eBook   $503.00

The foremost resource on Georgia criminal procedure provides comprehensive answers and guidance for all stages of a criminal case and is an invaluable reference tool trusted by judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers alike.

Book   $696.00
ProView eBook   $696.00

This work provides you with guidance and practice forms for Georgia divorce actions.

Book   $1,037.00
ProView eBook   $1,037.00

This title provides you with Professor Yarn’s guidance on ADR of all types, and provides forms for your use.

Book   $274.00
ProView eBook   $274.00

A practical guide to the law of evidence in Georgia as applied in criminal cases, Daniel's fully incorporates the 2013 Georgia Evidence Code.

Book   $802.00
ProView eBook   $802.00

New edition Provides an in-depth and comprehensive treatment of the law of damages in Georgia, addressing every substantive area of the subject.

Book   $942.00
ProView eBook   $942.00

New edition

This title gives you forms for all criminal proceedings in Georgia, from pretrial matters through postconviction remedies.

Book   $397.00

New edition

This is an up-to-date, in-depth examination of evidence law in Georgia, fully incorporating the new Evidence Code which went into effect January 1, 2013.

Book   $373.00