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Georgia law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive Georgia legal resources, including law books, WestlawNext, legal software and automated forms for Georgia attorneys.

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This is Mike McLaughlin's useful courtroom tool for judges and trial lawyers regarding evidence questions in civil cases.

Book   $415.00
ProView eBook   $415.00

Provides procedural guidance and forms to help you represent either party in a landlord/tenant dispute.

Book (Full Set)   $234.00
ProView eBook

This is a "how-to" manual for the attorney, magistrate, or layperson on bringing an action in magistrate court.

Book   $370.00
ProView eBook   $370.00

A comprehensive treatise on substantive Georgia tort law for the general practitioner or specialist.

Book   $628.00
ProView eBook   $628.00

Use this work to gain strategic advice, trial guidance, and discovery techniques for DUI matters and to make sense of confusing sentencing requirements.

Book   $565.00
ProView eBook   $565.00

This practical handbook provides Georgia attorneys with a straightforward and thorough foundation in Georgia medical malpractice law.

Book   $503.00
ProView eBook   $503.00

New edition

You will find a step-by-step explanation of workers' compensation matters in this work, which guides you from initial interview through appeal.

Book   $399.00
ProView eBook

New edition

This guidebook of Georgia criminal law provides an overview of criminal procedure, summaries of crimes, contains the complete Georgia Criminal and Motor Vehicle Codes, and includes a CD-ROM version (may be shipped separately).

Book   $327.00

Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $305.00
ProView eBook   $305.00

Provides the forms most commonly used in divorce actions.


This title examines the current law and history of punitive damages in Georgia, and gives you case analysis from experienced Georgia litigators.

Book (Full Set)   $205.00
ProView eBook   $205.00

A thorough examination of all aspects of premises liability, providing critical information for representation of either plaintiffs or landowners.

Book   $150.00
ProView eBook

Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $142.00
ProView eBook   $142.00

Gives you a compact reference work of basic practice matters and forms for civil cases in Georgia.

Book   $600.00
ProView eBook   $600.00

Provides you with a guide to long-term care and financial planning for your elderly and incapacitated clients.

Book   $389.00
ProView eBook   $389.00

Provides you with guidance, forms, and checklists for the plaintiff or defendant in soft tissue claims in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $239.00
ProView eBook   $239.00

New edition

A practical guide to the law of evidence in Georgia as applied in criminal cases, Daniel's fully incorporates the 2013 Georgia Evidence Code.

Book   $802.00
ProView eBook   $802.00

Provides a quick reference manual of Georgia criminal statutes and case annotations for use in the office and courtroom.

Book   $473.00
ProView eBook   $473.00

This discussion of real estate finance and foreclosure law outlines every step in the foreclosure process and includes useful forms and sample letters.

Book   $334.00
ProView eBook   $334.00

This work provides you with guidance and practice forms for Georgia divorce actions.

Book   $1,037.00
ProView eBook   $1,037.00

This title provides you with Professor Yarn’s guidance on ADR of all types, and provides forms for your use.

Book   $274.00
ProView eBook   $274.00

New edition This is an in-depth examination of the substantive criminal law of Georgia.

Book   $831.00
ProView eBook

New edition Most attorneys' practices will, at one time or another, have to deal with first-party property coverage or a commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policy. This book gives you the law you need to know.

Book   $347.00
ProView eBook

This title gives you forms for criminal proceedings in Georgia, from trial through post-conviction remedies.


This set provides litigation forms for nearly every aspect of Georgia civil practice in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

Book (Full Set)   $646.00