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Bankruptcy law products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for bankruptcy law practitioners.

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New edition This book gives the practitioner or mortgage lender assistance in foreclosure actions, with forms.

Book   $300.00 $255.00
ProView eBook

This work contains federal statutes, codes, and rules relating to bankruptcy and debtor-creditor issues.

Book   $342.00

This source provides analysis of the Bankruptcy Code sections effective April 1, 2018, plus cross-references to relevant and current authority.

Book (Full Set)   $429.00 $364.65

This guide provides full Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act coverage and guidance through the four California Bankruptcy Court districts.

Book (Full Set)   $848.00
ProView eBook   $848.00

A thorough, clear, and concise discussion of procedures and law regarding spouse and child support in New York.

Book   $607.00 $515.95
ProView eBook   $607.00 $515.95

Expert guidance on law and procedures governing debt collection and enforcing judgments. Also includes provisional remedies, bankruptcy considerations, essential forms.

Book (Full Set)   $510.00
ProView eBook   $510.00

An easy-to-use practice reference that helps you handle collections cases in New York state courts.

Book   $452.00 $384.20
ProView eBook   $452.00 $384.20

New edition This work contains a compilation of bankruptcy law and related provisions from the United States Code Annotated®.

Book   $380.00 $323.00
ProView eBook

Quick and substantive answers to complex Chapter 11 reorganization issues.

Book   $934.00 $793.90
ProView eBook   $934.00 $793.90

New edition This guide is a leading authority on evidence as it pertains to bankruptcy proceedings.

Book (Full Set)   $924.00 $785.40
ProView eBook   $924.00 $785.40

Addresses bankruptcy laws, related legal issues, and potential consequences of specific actions regarding loans secured by personal property collateral.

Book (Full Set)   $680.00 $578.00
ProView eBook   $680.00 $578.00

This plain-English resource provides a down-to-earth discussion of the Bankruptcy Code and suggested practice forms for the general practitioner.

Book   $414.00 $351.90
ProView eBook   $414.00 $351.90

This Aspatore product provides a discussion of the purposes and benefits of a forbearance agreement for the lender, borrower, and guarantors.

Book   $125.00 $106.25

In-depth coverage of the topics to consider in any bankruptcy proceeding including litigation, jurisdiction, contested matters, and injunctive relief.

Book (Full Set)   $700.00 $595.00
ProView eBook   $700.00 $595.00

Contains timely information on every aspect of bankruptcy exemption law.

Book   $527.00 $447.95
ProView eBook   $527.00 $447.95

Get answers to your questions regarding the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

Book (Full Set)   $492.00 $418.20
ProView eBook   $492.00 $418.20

This product provides feedback from leading Arizona attorneys on the challenges of working with distressed homeowners in the Arizona market.

Book   $25.00 $21.25

This title offers guidance to both debtor and creditor lawyers, as well as to creditor professionals facing the prospect of a state law liquidation, and includes 30 pages of sample forms and checklists.

eBook - ProView $9.99 $8.49

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Westlaw Journal

New edition This manual reviews of former and revised bankruptcy law, and provides strategies for handling domestic relations claims in bankruptcy.

Book   $503.00 $427.55
ProView eBook   $503.00 $427.55

New edition

This source contains legislative history, editorial commentary, annotations of significant decisions for each Bankruptcy Code section and rule, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $932.00
ProView eBook   $932.00

New edition Articles and developments dealing with a variety of topics pertinent to modern bankruptcy practice.

Book   $1,476.00 $1,254.60

New edition Covers treatment of New York real property liens, analysis, and resolving priority disputes over liens of various types.

Book   $293.00 $249.05
ProView eBook   $293.00 $249.05

New edition In-depth coverage and analysis of mortgage liens in New York, supported by controlling cases and pertinent statutes.

Book   $513.00 $436.05
ProView eBook   $513.00 $436.05

New edition This book helps users develop procedures to resolve employment-related disputes without litigation.

Book   $484.00 $411.40