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Criminal law books

Our criminal law books cover a wide range of topics, including criminal law and procedure, jury selection, evidence, criminal codes, and more.

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This title contains the official Michigan Sentencing Guidelines Manual along with related statutes and court rules.

Book   $113.00

This title provides commentary and substantive analysis of the Texas Rules of Evidence for both civil and criminal cases, including the history, purpose, and effect of each rule.

Book   $170.00
ProView eBook   $170.00

Colorado Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book   $287.00
ProView eBook   $287.00

New edition

O'Connor's Texas Crimes & Consequences is a compilation of easy-to-use charts summarizing critical areas of Texas criminal law, including punishment ranges, defenses, limitations, parole eligibility, evidentiary matters, and many more

Book   $100.00
ProView eBook   $100.00

Complete text of the Michigan Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, other relevant laws and rules and comprehensive index.

Book   $360.00
ProView eBook   $360.00

New edition

This book contains the Texas Penal Code, as amended through the 2021 Second Called Session of the 87th Legislature.

Book   $96.00
ProView eBook

This Aspatore legal title provides invaluable advice for navigating your way through a criminal case.

Book   $50.00

This title provides an inclusive evidence manual for use in Florida courts.

Book   $956.00
ProView eBook   $956.00

This codebook provides annotated Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence, along with other federal rules, Title 18 U.S.C., selections from the Sentencing Guidelines, and more.

Book   $173.00
ProView eBook   $173.00

Single publication containing constitutional provisions, statutes, and rules relating to Arizona criminal law and procedure.

Book   $377.00
ProView eBook   $377.00

This evidence book is for criminal practitioners and provides the entire California Evidence Code with expert analysis and detailed commentaries, along with numerous tables and charts, sample questions, and more.

Book   $177.00
ProView eBook   $177.00

This work provides current Louisiana criminal law statutes, plus the complete text of Louisiana Code of Evidence.

Book   $476.00
ProView eBook   $476.00

A portable volume of Chapter 625, Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Book   $210.00
ProView eBook   $210.00

New edition The full text of the California Vehicle Code is incorporated into this portable pamphlet.

Book   $118.00
ProView eBook   $118.00

This handbook covers criminal statutes, the rules of criminal procedure, the rules of juvenile delinquency procedure, the rules of juvenile protection procedure, and the rules of evidence, and the sentencing guidelines.

Book   $378.00
ProView eBook   $378.00

This work contains criminal and motor vehicle codes, plus related practical laws relevant for law enforcement officers.

Book   $76.00
ProView eBook   $76.00

This practice reference supplies practical advice and analysis for successfully negotiating and trying DWI cases in New York state courts.

Book   $873.00
ProView eBook   $873.00

Full text of Illinois Criminal Code, including Chapter 720 "Criminal Offenses," and Chapter 725 "Criminal Procedure," plus related statutes.

Book   $253.00
ProView eBook   $253.00

This manual contains the text of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Policy Statements, and Commentary, amended and effective November 1, 2018.

Book (Full Set)   $200.00
ProView eBook

Get instruction and explanation of how to defend against an operating under the influence charge in this convenient text.

Book   $222.00
ProView eBook   $222.00

The foremost resource on Georgia criminal procedure provides comprehensive answers and guidance for all stages of a criminal case and is an invaluable reference tool trusted by judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers alike.

Book   $920.00
ProView eBook   $920.00

Straightforward presentation of each element in the most common criminal offenses, including references to the Model Penal Code.

Book (Full Set)   $752.00
ProView eBook   $752.00

Complete text of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Includes expert explanation and analysis of each guide to enhance understanding applications.

Book   $742.00
ProView eBook   $742.00

This work analyzes the changes to habeas practice that were enacted by the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA).

Book   $537.00
ProView eBook   $537.00

This two volume set covers constitutional provisions, statutes, and rules of court pertaining to Florida criminal law and procedure.

Book (Full Set)   $428.00
ProView eBook   $428.00