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Negligence, personal injury, torts products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive tort law products and books for attorneys and legal practitioners.

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Comprehensive, in-depth discussion of malpractice and strategies for the handling and prevention of malpractice suits.

Book   $1,713.00

This work covers client intake, causes of action, theories of recovery, defenses and immunities, MICRA, damages, settlements, prelawsuit claim filing, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $900.00
ProView eBook   $900.00

Constitutional, statutory, judicial, and administrative laws are integrated for a complete analysis on every aspect of California law.

Book (Full Set)   $40,366.00

Applicable rules of tort law, exceptions and jurisdictional conflicts, and references to federal and state law, with major recent developments.

Book (Full Set)   $2,157.00
ProView eBook   $2,157.00

A thorough how-to guide to handling auto accident litigation with forms and important provisions for settlement agreements.

Book (Full Set)   $1,877.00

Cowritten by a leading attorney and neuropsychiatrist, this work provides the legal and medical tools to handle brain injury cases.

Book (Full Set)   $472.00
ProView eBook   $472.00

Explains concepts of medical liability in California. Takes you from the initial client interview through conclusion of trial. Three volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $1,441.00
ProView eBook   $1,441.00

Quick-answer resource and in-depth analysis concerning personal injury law.

Book (Full Set)   $6,658.00
ProView eBook   $6,658.00

Analyzes case law, explains interpretations most accepted by courts, and looks at trends. Three volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $382.00

This Aspatore legal title provides an insider's perspective on developing a successful defense strategy when litigating a personal injury dispute.

Book   $85.00

This product provides the tools needed to win the complex nursing home case, including sample forms.

Book (Full Set)   $704.00

Chief counsel interpretations and civil penalty decisions made by the Federal Aviation Administration in a timely, accessible format.

Book (Full Set)

Comprehensive examination of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pain, progress, psychic sequelae, and consequences of human injuries and disabilities. Five volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $3,299.00

A legal encyclopedia covering personal injury and torts, business torts and trade regulation, family law, and workers’ compensation in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $4,786.00

Guide to expanding area of negligence law—from general concepts of comparative negligence to relevant law of each jurisdiction. Two volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $3,375.00
ProView eBook   $3,375.00

This volume provides comprehensive coverage of Indiana laws relating to personal injury law and practice.

Book (Full Set)   $395.00
ProView eBook   $395.00

Covers key liability and damage theories, identifying and reducing liability exposure, and litigation strategies for toxic tort actions.

Book (Full Set)   $9,903.00
ProView eBook   $9,903.00

Understand disability issues—causes, effects, long-term ramifications—with this handbook, which balances medical facts and legal opinion.

Book   $1,654.00

Comprehensive guide to products liability law and practice.

Book (Full Set)   $682.00
ProView eBook   $682.00

Provides techniques, strategies, checklists, and samples for fact-finding in motor vehicle liability cases.

Book (Full Set)   $1,788.00
ProView eBook   $1,788.00

Effectively evaluate personal injuries and estimate expected damages with this guide. Two volumes.

Book (Full Set)   $1,361.00

Analysis of all issues of medical malpractice in Texas including substantive, practical discussion of relevant legislation and case law.

Book (Full Set)   $452.00
ProView eBook   $452.00

This work shows you how to master the techniques of courtroom persuasion.

Book   $131.00
ProView eBook   $131.00

Complete survey of the law relating to emotional injuries.

Book (Full Set)   $779.00
ProView eBook

Provides techniques, strategies, checklists, and samples for fact-finding in product liability cases.

Book   $3,256.00