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Negligence, personal injury, torts products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive tort law products and books for attorneys and legal practitioners.

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A thorough examination of key issues affecting tort cases, such as negligence, informed consent, assumption of risk, and time limitations.

Book (Full Set)   $748.00
ProView eBook   $748.00

This book is a comprehensive guide to Kentucky laws relating to driving under the influence.

Book   $723.00
ProView eBook   $723.00

This work provides a detailed explanation of the Florida Personal Injury and Wrongful Death areas of law.

Book   $704.00
ProView eBook   $704.00

A comprehensive treatise on substantive Georgia tort law for the general practitioner or specialist.

Book   $628.00
ProView eBook   $628.00

Guide to representing injured persons in minor impact soft tissue (MIST) cases, including forms.

Book (Full Set)   $651.00
ProView eBook   $651.00

New edition This handbook is a reference source that helps attorneys prepare a sound case while saving valuable research time.

Book   $558.00
ProView eBook   $558.00

Overview of the Motor Vehicle Code and analyses of relevant statutes and case law, plus citations to key court decisions.

Book   $553.00
ProView eBook   $553.00

This practical handbook provides Georgia attorneys with a straightforward and thorough foundation in Georgia medical malpractice law.

Book   $503.00
ProView eBook   $503.00

Analysis of all issues of medical malpractice in Texas including substantive, practical discussion of relevant legislation and case law.

Book (Full Set)   $496.00
ProView eBook   $496.00

Helps litigators effectively challenge the opinions of mental health professionals.

Book (Full Set)   $490.00
ProView eBook

This work combines a scholarly perspective on Washington tort law with real-world assistance for your busy practice.

Book (Full Set)   $439.00
ProView eBook   $439.00

Comprehensive guide on the special procedures, rules, jurisdictional questions and remedies for American and international admiralty and maritime law.

Book (Full Set)   $418.00
ProView eBook   $418.00

This resource provides legal analysis of the required elements for various causes of action in Wisconsin, streamlining your research efforts.

Book   $385.00
ProView eBook   $385.00

This publication provides a guide to representing injured persons in cases involving inadequate security on premises, including sample litigation forms.

Book (Full Set)   $370.00
ProView eBook

This reference provides in-depth analysis of current legal ethical standards.

Book   $340.00

This practical, multistate guide to construction accident litigation examines liability and indemnity, discussing their interpretation and application in various jurisdictions.

Book   $334.00
ProView eBook   $334.00

This set gives you a complete source of aviation accident law.

Book (Full Set)   $327.00
ProView eBook   $327.00

This title presents the big picture of torts in Mississippi by bringing together the black-letter law into a comprehensive treatment.

Book (Full Set)   $321.00
ProView eBook

New edition Attorneys’ quick reference on life or health insurance matters for insurance carriers, policyholders, or claimants.

Book (Full Set)   $258.00
ProView eBook

This title examines the current law and history of punitive damages in Georgia, and gives you case analysis from experienced Georgia litigators.

Book (Full Set)   $205.00
ProView eBook   $205.00

A comprehensive, diverse collection of authority on tort law topics.

Book (Full Set)   $201.00
ProView eBook   $201.00

Analyzes case law concening liability apportionment by explaining interpretations most accepted by courts and looking at trends.

Book (Full Set)   $150.50
ProView eBook   $150.50

A thorough examination of all aspects of premises liability, providing critical information for representation of either plaintiffs or landowners.

Book   $150.00
ProView eBook

Pamphlet focusing on jury award and settlement trends in employment liability cases includes statistical analyses, recovery probabilities, and case summaries.

Book   $125.00