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Legal staff's step-by-step instructions for major areas of law practice — both civil and criminal, and state and federal.

Book (Full Set)   $630.00

Includes the Kansas Rules of Evidence, plus objections and evidentiary foundations so you can check the correct procedure for trial.

Book (Full Set)   $405.00
ProView eBook   $222.00

Provides comprehensive coverage of Texas land, title, interests in land, oil and gas descriptions, and surveying.

Book (Full Set)   $774.00
ProView eBook   $774.00

This set covers major construction law issues in a historical and factual context, including international law.

Book (Full Set)   $2,205.00
ProView eBook

These volumes guide you through every stage of the bankruptcy process – initial contact through final resolution – from the perspectives of debtor, creditor, and trustee.

Book (Full Set)   $3,180.00
ProView eBook   $3,180.00

Clear and concise treatment of every critical aspect of practicing trial law in New Mexico.

Book (Full Set)   $1,236.00
ProView eBook   $1,236.00

Provides comprehensive approach to criminal procedure integrating constitutional issues, relevant statutes (particularly Texas Code of Criminal Procedure), and case law.

Book (Full Set)   $1,483.00
ProView eBook   $1,483.00

Provides handy source of information for lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and trust officers who deal with estates, guardianships and trusts.

Book   $425.00
ProView eBook   $425.00

Provides clear and concise treatment of every critical aspect of practicing trial law in Mississippi.

Book (Full Set)   $795.00
ProView eBook   $795.00

Use the legal commentary, statutory provisions, and sample documents and forms found in this handbook to limit director and officer liability.

Book   $3,066.00
ProView eBook   $3,066.00

Understand disability issues—causes, effects, long-term ramifications—with this handbook, which balances medical facts and legal opinion.

Book   $1,654.00

This set includes an in-depth discussion of the Texas Business Organizations Code, including coverage of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and professional associations.

Book (Full Set)   $982.00
ProView eBook   $982.00

Contains state and federal statutes and regulations governing business and commercial law issues in Minnesota.

Book (Full Set)   $2,128.00

Thorough examination and explanation of the state law that governs Texas municipalities.

Book (Full Set)   $883.00
ProView eBook   $883.00

Helps attorneys prepare and prosecute patent applications by emphasizing techniques and strategies rather than broad theories.

Book   $1,903.00
ProView eBook   $1,903.00

A practical guide to estate settlement in North Carolina.

Book (Full Set)   $1,096.00
ProView eBook   $1,096.00

Analysis of all issues of medical malpractice in Texas including substantive, practical discussion of relevant legislation and case law.

Book (Full Set)   $452.00
ProView eBook   $452.00

Clarifies the complex rules of informal disclosure.

Book   $3,300.00
ProView eBook   $3,300.00

This complete appellate-practitioner resource provides more than 400 easy-to-use forms, annotated rules of appellate procedure, and timetables for the appeal in one portable volume.

Book   $227.00
ProView eBook

Provides in-depth treatment and comprehensive coverage of the latest issues, regulations, legislation, and caselaws affecting entertainment and communications industries.

Book   $2,961.00

Obtain fast, efficient discussions of the principles of Tennessee trial law in civil and criminal cases with this resource.

Book   $1,017.00
ProView eBook   $1,017.00

This compact reference provides court rules, authors' commentary, selected Constitutional provisions, statutes, Sentencing Guidelines Manual, and administrative orders.

Book   $883.00

This product covers Food and Drug Administration approval of generic drugs and the interaction of patents and FDA law.

Book   $905.00
ProView eBook   $905.00

A comprehensive guide to U.S. citizenship and naturalization (formerly Naturalization Handbook).

Book   $2,055.00
ProView eBook   $2,055.00

This convenient handbook provides a single source for quick resolution of all matters related to the law of evidence in Louisiana.

Book   $790.00