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This resource provides information on the causes of action most frequently filed in Texas, including coverage of elements, remedies, defenses, limitations periods, and related causes of action.

Book   $275.00
ProView eBook   $275.00

Redfearn Wills and Administration in Georgia is a complete guide to wills, probate, and the administration of estates from the petition-for-letters to the final discharge of the personal representative.

Book (Full Set)   $332.00
ProView eBook   $332.00

This title provides authoritative guidance on New York practice, reflecting statutory and caselaw changes, and amended disclosure provisions.

Book (Full Set)   $417.00
ProView eBook   $417.00

This work gives guidance for cases involving personal injury, death, or damages caused by trucks or commercial trailers.

Book (Full Set)   $723.00
ProView eBook   $723.00

This volume explains the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, taking a case from discovery through trial.

Book   $872.00
ProView eBook   $872.00

Get instruction and explanation of how to defend against an operating under the influence charge in this convenient text.

Book   $222.00
ProView eBook   $222.00

This title gives you a thorough overview of damages law in Arkansas.

Book (Full Set)   $282.00
ProView eBook   $282.00

Provides a quick-reference and overview of Arkansas practice in civil cases.

Book (Full Set)   $215.00
ProView eBook   $215.00

This title gives guidance and practice tips for handling personal injury cases in Georgia.

Book   $359.00
ProView eBook   $359.00

Companion volume to Florida Practice and Procedure, providing procedural forms in clear, accurate language.

Book   $1,034.00
ProView eBook   $1,034.00

Provides a step-by-step analysis of the appellate process for Florida.

Book   $887.00
ProView eBook   $887.00

Fully annotated Texas Family Code, plus relevant sections of other Texas Codes to give you confidence in building your case.

Book   $795.00
ProView eBook   $795.00

Provides comprehensive coverage of Texas land, title, interests in land, oil and gas descriptions, and surveying.

Book (Full Set)   $771.00
ProView eBook   $771.00

This volume is a comprehensive treatise on civil procedure in Florida.

Book   $1,020.00
ProView eBook   $1,020.00

New edition

You will find a step-by-step explanation of workers' compensation matters in this work, which guides you from initial interview through appeal.

Book   $528.00
ProView eBook   $528.00

This book gives the practitioner or mortgage lender assistance in foreclosure actions, with forms.

Book   $397.00
ProView eBook   $397.00

This work provides you with analysis of workers' compensation cases and practical advice from a veteran practitioner.

Book (Full Set)   $326.00
ProView eBook   $326.00

Gives you a complete analysis of the issues involved in drafting contracts and representing clients in closings.

Book (Full Set)   $324.00
ProView eBook   $324.00

This title gives you a complete review of criminal procedure in Iowa from investigation through appeal.

Book   $572.00
ProView eBook   $572.00

This Mississippi "lawyer's bible" for proceedings in chancery court contains blackletter law, references to Code sections, and leading cases.

Book   $597.00
ProView eBook   $597.00

Commentaries on sections of the Probate Code regulating the probate of wills and administration of estates including significant Texas decisions.

Book (Full Set)   $556.00
ProView eBook   $556.00

This title reviews the law of trusts, including applicable rules, statutes, and cases and changes to the Florida Trust Code.

Book   $283.00
ProView eBook   $283.00

This is a quick reference to the complex and involved field of Alabama auto insurance law.

Book (Full Set)   $248.00
ProView eBook   $248.00

Provides you with guidance, forms, and checklists for the plaintiff or defendant in soft tissue claims in Georgia.

Book (Full Set)   $274.00
ProView eBook   $274.00

From locating the decedent's will, to the final accounting, this work helps you through each phase of probate and administration.

Book (Full Set)   $218.50
ProView eBook