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Client Validation

Setting up client validation is the key to recovery

Full validation recovers significantly more of your research charges

Our research shows that the biggest barrier to effective online recovery is invalid client IDs – billable research that cannot be traced back to an individual matter.

The same research shows that organizations that require full validation recover significantly more of their research charges. These firms also spend less time every month matching invalid sessions with billable accounts.

Our client validation solutions ensure that every minute of online research is associated with a valid client ID.

What options are available?

Mandatory client entry

When activated, this feature automatically requires all users to enter a client ID when signing on to Thomson Reuters Westlaw, but does not require it to be valid or in any specific format.

Format validation

This feature goes a step further, requiring users to follow a specific client ID format that you designate. Set it up once and it works for every application.

Full client validation

Here, you get the highest level of control. Each client ID entered is compared against the IDs in your accounting or billing system to ensure an exact match. You can store your client matter lists on your network or on a secure server at Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters-hosted validation offers the additional advantage of validating research done by remote users.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! When your users sign on to Westlaw, they are prompted to enter a valid client ID as usual. There is no difference to the sign-on procedure they are familiar with unless they enter an invalid client ID. In that case, they are prompted to re-enter an appropriate client ID and are provided the format as a guide.

Call your account manager or librarian relations manager to learn how client validation can help improve your firm's profitability.

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