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Cost Recovery Training

Ongoing training helps users stay within your cost recovery policies

Making your cost recovery strategy stick can help improve your firm's profitability

Developing a solid online cost recovery strategy at your firm is a major achievement, but it's only the beginning. The critical next phase is putting that strategy into practice and managing it for the long haul.

Law firms with successful cost recovery programs share one important attribute: all have implemented an ongoing training program that teaches users how to conduct online research within the parameters of their firm's cost recovery policies.

Establish a training management process

As you develop user training, you should answer these important questions:

  1. How will you promote online research efficiency?
  2. What level of training will you require of each employee?
  3. How will you ensure that new as well as existing users are aware of your cost recovery strategy and policies?
  4. How will you monitor training progress, and who will manage this process?

Tailor user training by group and topic

Cost recovery is ultimately executed during the actual research session. Training for this strategy is critical.

It is likely that you will want to tailor different training modules to different users with unique needs. In developing the actual modules, consider developing two course tracks: one that focuses on the firm's cost recovery policies, and one that teaches tailored cost-effective research practices.

User groups (examples)

Lateral hires
New/summer associates
Seasoned associates
Administrative staff

Training topics (examples)

Cost recovery strategy (policies and guidelines, talking to clients, client validation)

Cost-effective online research (basic, advanced, user-specific, practice area-specific, transactional vs. hourly usage, printing options)

Three more suggestions

  1. Use QuickView+ to automatically generate weekly usage reports for summer and new associates, and review these reports with them so they get a quick grip on costs.
  2. Remind users that Reference Attorneys are at their disposal to lay out a search strategy and help develop an effective search on a topic.
  3. Survey users annually to make sure they:
    - understand how clients are billed for online research
    - consult with the library about ongoing costs before sending out engagement letters
    - understand clearly how much the client is willing to pay for online research

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